How to Make a Behavior Change

How to Make a Behavior Change.

Do you have a behavior you would like to change?

Try not changing it.

Maybe it’s to be kinder to your spouse, quit smoking, or eat healthier.  You’ve tried methods that use discipline or will-power to change, only to go back to your old behavior.

Try not changing it.

You might say, “but I want to change it”. “I want to be a kinder, healthier, happier person.”

The only way to change an unwanted behavior is to try not changing it – to surrender.  It may seem like an unusual way to make a behavior change.

Making That Behavior Change

Here’s how to make a behavior change

The next time you find your self smoking a cigarette, yelling at your spouse, or eating junk food, instead of beating your self up with feeling’s of guilt or regret,

100 % accept where you are and what you are doing.

Let your behavior becomes an excuse for practicing presence.  While you are eating, take very conscious bites and thank the universe for the opportunity to surrender and let go. If you’ve just been critical of your spouse, when you swore you were going to be more tolerant, love yourself and be thankful that life has given you this so  you can see that mercy and grace abound. God steps in when we surrender and move out of the way.

When we want a better relationship or are filling the emptiness we feel with food or cigarettes or alcohol we are trying to get a connection with something outside ourselves instead of going inside and connecting with our God essence.

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Practice Comes Next

Practice this and you may find that you come into alignment with the present moment and your connection to source energy and then

discontent disappears.

And  the really cool thing is that then change comes into your life!

Power flows through… it’s the place of miracles.

How you relate to others may change as YOUR energy changes and gradually the universe notices the change and often this is when change occurs:

Through a chance encounter;

A new thought;

Or something more dramatic.

The behavior change will feel natural not forced

Internally you were already free, but you no longer depend on external change for your inner state.

Change the internal and the external changes.

If you only have the faith of a mustard seed – all things are possible.

“My faith does not rest int the wisdom of men, but in the power of God” – 1 Corinthians 2:15



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