How to Manifest Effortless Abundance – 90/10 Rule

How to Manifest Effortless Abundance 90-10 Rule

Day 2: “How to Manifest Effortless Abundance – 90/10 Rule” written and video by Guest Contributor.

How to Manifest Effortless Abundance

Manifesting Is Not All Visible

Is there something you want to manifest into your reality and it’s taking a bit of time?

Maybe it’s a goal of a certain amount of money in your bank account or a healthy body or a great relationship?

Are you wondering why it’s taking so long?

Manifesting Takes Time

I’ve had many amazing things manifest into my life that have taken some time to materialize into my reality. For example, I wanted to meet the singer Bono from U2 since I was in my 20’s. I had a vision board with his picture on it and imagined what it would be like. I went to every U2 concert and even won a backstage pass, but my dream of meeting him didn’t happen until just a few years ago when I worked for his Fashion house, Edun in NYC.

And it was through a series of events that took time to line up.

Looking back there were many  intricate pieces coming together for me to eventually meet him. I went to school for fashion design , got a job as an intern, moved to NYC, etc. There were no coincidences along that path.

Why Does It Take So Long?

There is a reason it didn’t happen instantaneously. You don’t want every thought you have to manifest instantaneously not until you can be more selective about the thoughts we think.

Can you imagine a world where every thought manifests immediately? It would be chaos.

We need that gap of time where so much is happening under the surface.

Realize there are things happening to bring it about even if you can’t see them.

Under The Surface

90% of the activity required to bring about the things you want happens under the surface of your reality. It’s like all of the activity behind the curtain, Activity outside of your awareness.
Abraham-Hicks says that the universe always responds with a “yes” to anything we ask for. It’s our job to stay in alignment with what we are asking for by…

Keeping your vision– I never lost sight of my dream of meeting him even though it took years.

Taking inspired action every day– I went after my dream. I started school and moved to another city.

Sometimes it means getting out of your comfort zone.

Having fun.– This will release resistance and attract things to you quicker.

Do what you love to do and follow your passion. I went after my creative dream of being in fashion design. And ended up manifesting a dream.

You Can Have Effortless Abundance

Never give up- and look for the 10% that is showing you that your dream is on its way.


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Article: How to Manifest Effortless Abundance – 90/10 Rule

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