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“How to Motivate People- Blogging Tips” written by Guest Contributor.

I walked by this display table set up at my gym this morning and the rep from the company was sitting at the table with her head down.

I looked over to see what sheHow to Motivate People by Writing 2 was promoting/selling and she didn’t look up or greet me. There were samples on her table of sports drinks and energy bars and I didn’t feel comfortable approaching her to ask for one.

I worked out for about an hour and walked by the table again on my way out. She was looking at her phone and doing everything she could to not engage the people walking by her table.

I took a few pictures because it amazed me how much she went our of her way NOT to promote her product. She was on the phone again and had he back to me as I walked by more than once.

How to Motivate People by WritingThe thing is I would have sampled her drink and taken one of her energy bars, but she didn’t make me feel welcome.

How to Motivate People to Buy

If you are in sales… and everyone is in one way or another even if it’s just persuading someone to go out on a date or to hire you, it’s best to learn how to connect with your “buyer.”

In the online world it can be a little more challenging to connect and engage people..

Tips on How to Motivate People with Writing

Here are a few tips from Mars Dorian…

Write great content.

Decide to TOTALLY bring yourself into your writing. Keep it uncensored, and share your opinions and insights, and DO NOT water them down.

Cut out the weak words.

eliminate “Maybe,” “really,” and “should” Be PROUD of what you believe. People can sense hesitation or lack of passion in you message.

If you’re afraid to show the “real” you, then you shouldn’t be a blog entrepreneur in the first place.

Find core words or phrases and make them your own for example.

“crush it.” or Lady Gaga calls her fans “little monsters.”

Whenever someone uses these expressions, it’s free advertisement for the person who “owns” them. It raises awareness around the brand, because that particular expression is directly linked to the person who consistently uses it.

If you want to make your writing MORE powerful, you HAVE to start using your own words. If they catch on, you will see them getting used by your fan base which is free marketing for your brand!

Words like “shine”, “digital crusader” and “white magic”

Your word choice may be different, but the point behind them is the same. Use your core words CONSTANTLY, and you’ll infiltrate your fan bases’ mind with your brand message.

So, before reading on, think about it. Which words and expression can you make a part of your brand?

Use an Active Writing Style

Have you heard the expression “words that move you?”

The stress here is on the “move,” and if you want to move your readers, you must write with an active voice.

For example, you could say “I have an online business,” which is boring and stale. However, if you say “I RUN an online business,” it may not be the magic that makes a heart rejuvenate, but it’s more ACTIVE.

Use VERBS instead of nouns, because verbs put motion into your writing. And if your writing conveys motion, it will ignite more response from your readers. Active writing equals active readers.

From now on, almost ALWAYS substitute your static words with verbs. Excite your reader with motion, and they’ll be more likely to act on your call to action.

And finally, when people feel like you see them and listen to them, it really makes a huge difference. As marketers, it’s easy to forget that you are actually dealing with people, not just numbers.

Here’s to your success!


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