How to Pick a Blog Topic – When You Think “All of the Good Blog Niches Are Already Taken”

How to Pick a Blog Topic – When You Think “All of the Good Blog Niches Are Already Taken”

A little while ago I talked about “How to Choose a Blog Niche” that was profitable. It talked about how to make sure that you could both make money from the niche and that it could be sustainable.

But what happens when you do your keyword research and it appears that all the good ideas are taken? There is too much competition, and there is no more room for one more blog?

If you feel this way, and many people do, then this blog post will help.

Why Is Picking a Blog Niche Difficult?

It is difficult because it is important.

It is as important as trying to decide where to live, what career you want to have, or even who to date.

Basically when you pick the blog niche you are picking your course of action and activity for the next several years. And of course you then want your choice to be the correct one.

Unfortunately when someone says, “All the good blog niches are already taken” what it really means is that they are on the verge of giving up.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are an infinite amount of ideas that can turn your blog into a successful website and online business. This is the case even when it appears your market is saturated. You just have to spend some time trying to figure things out.

No, it isn’t easy… but if you really want this you shouldn’t give up.

What happens if you select the wrong blog niche?


Sure you may not be entirely successful, but it isn’t a long term loss. As long as you learn it is time well spent.

But let’s try to take our best step forward. And keep in mind that you can always adjust course even after you start… I like to use the GPS analogy: it is easier to correct something that is moving then something that hasn’t even started.

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Forget About Having to Pick a Blog Topic That is Unique

There are probably millions of blogs out there.

So think about it… What are the chances of you picking a good, unique blog topic?

A blog topic that you would enjoy writing about?

Slim to none.

So don’t worry if you can’t find one after doing your due diligence.

Instead you have to think about what is something unique you can bring to your audience. Don’t reinvent… think about how to make something better.

It doesn’t matter how much competition there is. If you can give people something better then you’ll do well.

The best way to know what is better is to immerse yourself in the market. Follow competing blogs, participate in forums and discussions, and truly get to know your target audience.

To stand out all you have to do is take what is out there already and make it a personal mission to make something even better.

Specialize: Focus in On Your Blog Topic

When people start off they often think too big. They want to write to as big an audience as possible so that they can attract readers.

But as I have said many times, if you write to everyone to write to no one.

You need to focus in on your target audience AND your target niche. You have to be the GO-TO-RESOURCE for that topic. If someone has a question about that topic you want your website to be brought up in that conversation.

Specialize in a particular blog niche.

When you specialize:

  • You become the expert.
  • It is easier to get found in Google as you start to dominate certain keywords. The deeper you go into specializing the less competition there is in keywords.
  • It is easier to build your following. And you will get stronger connections with your audience.
  • It will be easier to sell something as you will be able to better gain the trust of your audience. You are the expert, the go-to-person.

For example, if you want to do a blog on real estate focus on rental properties. In rental properties focus on single-family homes. And in single-family homes focus on middle-income homes in the suburbs in the Midwestern United States. This gets you to “single-family middle-income suburban rental homes in the Midwestern United States”… then own that niche.

Your Two Action Steps

However you end up finally choosing your blog topic, there are two things you MUST do:

  1. Actually select a blog topic. Don’t let yourself suffer from Paralysis by Analysis. You won’t know how well things will go until you start doing it. And like I said, it is easier to correct course of something that is moving.
  2. Give It Your All! Don’t hold back. Crush the competition by making your blog the best in the niche. Make it something spectacular with lots of content. Impress the visitor. With lots of great content you will get the blessing from Google that you deserve.

Here’s to your future success!

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Article:  How to Pick a Blog Topic –When You Think “All of the Good Blog Niches Are Already Taken

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