How to Remember Names

How to Remember Names.

If you want to make a good first impression, learn how to remember names.

Dale Carnegie says “a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

Make a deliberate and conscious decision to improve the skill of how to remember names.

Three Tips for How to Remember Names…


Am I the only one who’s mind goes blank from an overload of information and nervousness when meeting someone new? Make it your mission to actually register what their name is.


This is a great memory tool. When you HEAR their name quickly IMAGINE something outrageous or funny that you can connect to them. Look at them or your surroundings and think of something outrageous that you can associate with their name.

Example: You are introduced to someone named Chad. Use your imagination to think of something outrageous related to his name. The trick is to convert the sound of the word Chad into a mental image, then connect that mental image with a mental image of something memorable. We learn by association.

I would get a quick mental picture of Chad with chapped lips. Red, flakey sore chapped lips (remember to make it outrageous) so whenever I try to remember Chad I automatically think of chapped lips = Chad.

Another example: Dave rhymes with cave. Get a clear picture of the person you just met named Dave in a caveman costume with a club over his shoulder.

I know this is silly but it works, and the sillier, the more you will remember. The larger, more incredible, or more outrageous you make the images; the better they will work as mental hooks. That’s because your mind remembers the unusual far better than the ordinary.

Make associations of physical characteristics, objects, what they are wearing. Use color nouns and similar words to help you remember the name.

We as humans remember things better in pictures.

Tip# 3 Affirmations

Be very vigilant about your speech.   I’ve heard many times friends or family members voice out loud “I’m terrible with names.”  If you catch yourself starting to say this, stop yourself and say instead, “I always remember names” and “I have an amazing memory.”

Convince yourself that this skill is important enough to make the effort. Make it a goal and plan to learn how to achieve the strategy of how to remember names.


Have a prosperous day!

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