How to Setup a Blog with Banners to Get Leads & Sales with Kalatu Premium

How to Setup a Blog with Banners to Get Leads and Sales with Kalatu Premium

“How to Setup a Blog with Banners to Get Leads & Sales with Kalatu Premium” written by Mike Marko.

Have you ever wondered how to setup a blog?

It can be very intimidating for some, especially if this is their first time.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. Setting up a blog can be very easy.

That’s why today I am going to tell you how to setup a blog so you can also get the leads and sales you want. If you aren’t getting leads and sales from your blog or website, what’s the point, right?

But before I get into this, let’s talk about why you should have a blog.

Why Have a Blog?

It is very important to have a blog if you want to promote online. There are several reasons:

  1. You will demonstrate that you are an expert in your field. When you have a website people take you more seriously.
  2. When you regularly create content on your blog, your content will be able to be found in the search engine results like in Google. The days of the phone book are long gone. Now people use search engines to find answers to their problems or questions.
  3. Your blog content will help build trust. Your visitors will read your blog and you will build trust. They will begin to take your word as truth and will look for even more from you.
  4. A blog is much better than a regular website. Regular websites don’t have the ability to add fresh content regularly, and grow stagnant both for your audience, and in the eyes of search engines.

How to Setup a Blog

Now that you know why you need to how to setup a blog, let’s get to work.

How to Setup a Blog – Pick Your Blog Platform

Picking your blog platform is an important first step. There are a LOT of blog platforms to choose from for your blog. The problem is that not all blogs are treated equal.

You want a blogging platform that is customizable, but at the same time very easy to setup, update, and maintain. You also want a blogging platform that will rank easy in Google and other search engines.

The blogging platform I recommend can be found by clicking on this Kalatu Premium Review link.

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How to Setup a Blog – Pick Your Theme

There are several themes you can choose from. This is based on personal preference. No worries if you don’t end up liking the one you pick. You can always switch it by clicking a few buttons.

Next setup the background color and other personal preferences using from the theme settings side menu option.

How to Setup a Blog – Add Banners

Sure you can use the default side, bottom, and top banner (what banners you need depends on your theme) but it is much better to use customized banners to give everything a personal touch and feel.

You can create your own banners. But if you want professionally done banners we can provide them for you for only $57 for one banner, or $97 for a paired set. You just provide an example or two of what you are roughly looking for, what you want for wording, and any specific images you may want used. We allow up to one revision in case you don’t like what we initially provided.

Click here to get in contact with us when you want custom banners provided for you.

How to Setup a Blog – Setup Your Autoresponder

The main purpose of a website is to collect emails.


Because when you have someone’s email you can keep your business in their mind by sending regular email newsletters. And that is powerful.

Click here to get the autoresponder we recommend.

How to Setup a Blog If You Have No Time?

What if you are busy and want to get to creating content right away and not have to worry about setup?

In that case, we have a special offer for you.

You can get:

1) Custom banners

2) Your theme setup

3) Your autoresponder setup

All when you get Kalatu or Kalatu Premium, for as little as $297 for the setup. If you want to keep us on retainer to update your site (up to twice a month) for only $97 per month (you can cancel at any time risk free). We make it easy to get your blog up and running so you can start getting leads and sales right away!

Click here to contact us to get started right away!

Now You Know How to Setup a Blog

Now that you know how to setup a blog, you can get started today. Having a blog is key to promoting anything online for the reasons I explained.  And if you need help then contact us today.

Take your business seriously and setup your blog today.



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Article: How to Setup a Blog with Banners to Get Leads & Sales with Kalatu Premium

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