How to Start a Blog – My WordPress Blog – Episode 2

How to Start a Blog My WordPress Blog Episode-2

How to Start a Blog – My WordPress Blog – Episode 2

Now that you have added your text into your blog like we covered in Episode 1, it is time to embellish your blog with pictures.  Picture help break up what could be very boring text.

In addition to making the blog posting more eye appealing, it is a great way to put in links.  I will actually make all my pictures into links.  People have a tenancy to want to click on pictures… so I make sure that I take them somewhere when they do.

WordPress makes it very easy to add and customize pictures within the blog.  Influx Entrepreneur has a powerful blogging platform that I use for our own main blog.  Their blog will give you the flexibility to create a very professional looking website, and they have an amazing 24/7 support team.  The first steps in how to start a blog using the Influx Entrepreneur WordPress is demonstrated in the video below.


VIDEO: How to Start a Blog with WordPress

After learning the first part of how to start a blog using WordPress, and added illustration, you are ready to start optimizing the post to be found by Search Engines.  This is covered in another article.

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Article: How to Start a Blog – My WordPress Blog – Episode 2



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