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How to Start An Online Business with the IPAS2 System and Kalatu Blog | Day 1” written by Mike Marko.

So you want to learn “how to start an online business”.  You probably have your own reasons and goals for starting an online business.

Well in this series of blog posts, we’ll be teaching you how to start an online business using very actionable steps to help you along the way.  Learn from our success (and lessons learned) so that you can get on the path of financial freedom faster.

Now depending on whether you have an online business already or not, some of these steps may not be directly applicable to you.  That is ok, because as long as you can apply most of these steps (and steps in follow up lessons) you’ll be well underway in growing your online business.

Please keep revisiting this series of blog posts.  We plan to keep improving this series to make sure that they are up to date, and provide you the best possible value.

A Word Before We Start

Before we get to starting your own online business, I want to make sure we are clear on one thing: this is not a get rich quick scheme.  What we are going to talk about are proven techniques to build an online business for the long term.  You may not make money tomorrow, you may not even make money in your first week, but with persistence and consistence action you will build a successful business.

It is unfortunate that many people quit before they start getting their first wins.  They don’t realize that they are only one small tweak, or adjustment, away from making money online.  Just like the story from the book, Think & Grow Rich, you could be three feet from gold and not even know it.

The trick is to keep at it.

And put in the effort daily.

Ok, enough of this… let’s get to the good stuff.

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Day 1 of How to Start An Online Business

So you made your decision to get started!  Great!  So first thing’s first in learning how to start an online business.

Starting an Online Business with the Right Core Product

Bren and I looked at a lot of programs before picking the IPAS2 system as the core product for us.  When you combine IPAS2 with the profit maximizers from Empower Network, you have the perfect 1-2 combination for building an online business.

Now you can use follow these steps and use them for most online businesses, but first make sure that they have a well tested system like IPAS 2, complete with a “tripwire” product like the $7 trial to get people comfortable buying products from you.  You also need to make sure your core product has funded proposals that help fund your advertising, like the IPAS2 6 Figures Shortcutts, the paid monthly IPAS2 membership fees, and the Empower Network Kalatu blog.  All these products really help with building your business.

Then you use the more expensive profit maximizers as your income generating products.

If you don’t have the funds to get all the profit maximizers, you can still make money with the other products.  Just make sure you reinvest your money back in to get the other profit maximizers to help grow your income faster.  The sooner you get all the profit maximizers the sooner you can start building a larger income.

Orientation Videos

Your core products most likely have orientation videos.  I recommend watch these videos as soon as you can.  Make sure you can watch them uninterrupted because these will be key to making sure you get off on the right foot.  With IPAS2, there are 5 Success Formula videos you need to watch before you do anything else.

Setup and Configuration

Your core product will probably have a setup wizard, or some sort of configuration you need to do to set things up.  With IPAS2 there is a setup wizard you must complete before you start any marketing activities.

One of the key setup with any core product is to get your autoresponder setup.  The emails you collect for your leads is your most valuable asset online.  That it is very important to get the autoresponder configured.  In IPAS2, this is all covered in the setup wizard.  Once you get GetResponse, they will have you setup a lead list and a buyers list.  The lead list are the people who have only expressed an interest in your offer but haven’t bought, and the buyers list… well obviously these are the people that at the very least bought the trial.

Now if you are not using IPAS2 you need to make sure that you have your email autoresponder setup.  If you don’t have one, check out my review of two very popular autoresponders: Aweber and GetResponse.  These are key to managing your email list, and helping you to both send out a predetermined series of emails to new subscribers, and to broadcast newsletters to your lists.

Before you start promoting your link, test to make sure everything is working properly.  Use your own email to register using your capture pages.  Once you enter in your information:

  • Look see if the system sent you an email once you subscribed
  • Check in GetResponse to see if you show up as a lead
  • Check your backoffice (if you have one like IPAS2 does) and see if a lead has been registered.

If they all look good, then you are ready to start promoting your link.

Here are a few blog posts on emailing your leads (we’ll cover more of this in a future lessons):

6 Email Marketing Tips to both Engage and Convert Customers
Email Marketing Best Practices
Mobile Friendly Email Make All the Difference

Setting Up Your Social Media

How to Start An Online Business with Social MediaWe have already covered a lot about how to build an online business in today’s lesson, but we aren’t done yet.

Hopefully you have already some social media accounts: Facebook, maybe Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, etc.  If not, then you really need to at least build accounts for all of these.  I understand that some people don’t like social media… but unfortunately this is the way things are going.  If you don’t have a presence on social media you are really hurting your online business results.

Next I want you to start subscribing to some Facebook groups.  The types of groups you should subscribe to will depend on the niche of your core products.  IPAS2 and the profit maximizers fall under the make money online niche.  That means you can find good groups to join by using search terms like “MLM“, “make money online“, and “internet marketing“.

Be sure to only subscribe to five groups at a time, and then wait 2-3 hours before doing that again.  You don’t want to join too many groups all at once otherwise you can go to “Facebook Jail”.

That’s It For Now On How to Start An Online Business

I know we covered a lot of ground today, but I want you to get a good head start.  The sooner you can get past these the sooner we can get to money making activities.

If you are done all of this, and want to jump ahead feel free to click the button below (the button will be activated once the new day’s exercise is done).

How to Start An Online Business


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