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How to Start An Online Business with the IPAS2 System and Kalatu Blog | Day 3” written by Mike Marko.

At this point, we have already established that you are starting to learn “how to start an online business“.  And that you probably have your own reasons and goals for starting an online business.

This is day 3 in our series of blog posts where we’ll be teaching you how to start an online business using very actionable steps.  Learn from our success (and lessons learned) so that you can get on the path of financial freedom a lot quicker.

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Like we said in Day 1, depending on whether you have an online business already or not, some of these steps may not be directly applicable to you…  and that’s ok.  As long as you can use most of these steps you’ll be well underway in growing your online business.

I want to remind you to please keep revisiting this series of blog posts.  We plan to keep improving these blog posts to make sure that they are up to date and providing you the best possible value.

A Reminder Before We Start Today

I know that we have talked about this in the posts for the previous two days when we talked about starting your own online business, but… it is worth repeating again.  I want to make sure we are clear on one thing: this isn’ a get rich quick scheme.  But even with the proven techniques we’ll be discussing today on how to build an online business you may not make money tomorrow, you may not even make money in your first week, but with persistence and consistency in action, you will build a successful business.

It is very unfortunate a lot of people quit before they start making money online.  What they don’t realize is that they’re only one small adjustment or change away from making money online.  Just like the story from the book, Think & Grow Rich, you could be three feet from gold and be completely unaware.

I can’t emphasize enough that the key is that you have to stick with it, and put in a daily effort.

Ok, enough of this… let’s get to the good stuff.

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Day 3 of How to Start An Online Business

You will notice that some of these tasks today are very similar to the tasks from Day 2… but that’s ok.  The reason is that when you learn about how to start an online business a lot of it is about being consistent.

By now I expect you should have already gotten your copy of Kalatu… the Empower Network blogging system, and the affiliate license to be able to promote the blog.  Because if you don’t have a blog, then you are basically homeless on the internet.  You will have a harder time getting people to take you seriously if you are homeless.

How to Start An Online Business - MindsetPart 1: Mindset

There is no change to this step from Day 2… but we repeat this because you need to be doing this daily.  If you are are not in the right mindset before you do your marketing it will fail.  So just do it already.  

Section 1 – Listen to the Morning Mindset Call – 9 AM EST / 6 AM Pacific

Live Call: 9 am EST Monday-Friday: 712-432-0900 – Access Code: 565762# If you miss it or can’t make it live dial into the Replay Number when you can:712-432-0990 Access Code: 565762# (Usually up for 23 hours)

If you live overseas, then click here to get onto the mindset calls.

You should have already filled out the “Major Definite Purpose Sheet” and read it already this morning.  If not, here is the template again:
Click here to download the Word Doc template if you have not yet!

Section 2 – Soak in Knowledge for 15 Minutes a Day (Part Time) 30-60 minutes (Full Time)

We recommend you read or listen to books to help learn more about leadership influence, sales & marketing.  This can also include going over the training within IPAS2 or Empower Network.  Here are some additional suggestions we recommend:

Inner Circle Audio – If you have the Inner Circle Audio you should be listening to these throughout the day
>The Secret Code of Success – Noah St. John – Amazon Link
>Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – T Harv Eker – Amazon Link
>The Science of Getting Rich- Wallace D Wattles– Download the eBook here
>Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill– Download the eBook here
>Cashvertising – Drew Eric Whitman – Amazon Link

How to Start An Online Business - List BuildingPart 2: List Building

There are lots of ways to start building your list, but for now, we’ll still focus on some basic examples.  

Section #1 – Invest in Done-For-You Traffic

Done-for-you traffic is one of the easiest ways to start eyeballs on your website, generating leads, and making some sales.  You really need to try and find a marketing budget for paid traffic every month.  This will help create consistency and momentum.  The best part you can get the traffic without any effort on your part.

There is training in the IPAS2 Gold Members section on how to use traffic brokers.  And here is another traffic that brokers like you can use:  MLM Leads.  If you are not a member of IPAS2 yet, you can check out more details in this IPAS2 Review.

These are some of the IPAS2 capture pages that are working really well right now. You can find your links to this new sales funnel on the Promo Links Page under ‘Giveaway Trial’. 

Section #2 – Make Posts In Facebook Groups

Remember that posting in Facebook groups is best done right away in the morning.  The idea is that when people wake up, they see your post on their newsfeed. You can then post in five groups at a time every 2-3 hours.  There are many different types of Facebook posts you can make, but the more effective ones are questions that get people to comment and ask you for more information (you are starting a conversation), or posting proof that the business is working for you or others and asking people to like/comment to get more information about how they can do it too.

Here you can see example posts that you can model (please don’t copy these exactly… personalize them so that they sound like they are coming from you).

You should also get in the habit of making a couple Facebook posts per day.  I recommend you don’t talk about your business on your personal Facebook page… at least not directly at first.  Start by posting pictures of you and your family, inspiration quotes, or some fun videos or pictures.  You want your personal page to be a fun and motivating place to hang out.

And I recommend changing the settings on your personal page so that they are public. When people see your posts on Facebook groups, they will come and check you out on your personal page to see if they want to learn more.

Section #3 – Facebook Chat with 5-10 People (Part Time) 15-20 People (Full Time)

No matter if you are first learning how to start an online business, or been doing this for a while, starting up Facebook chats is the most effective thing you can do if you want to increase the amount of signups each and every day.  Many people take Facebook chatting for granted. But with Facebook chatting, you could get 2-5 sign ups per day by eventually sending them to your website.

This works so well because people already trust you and can learn who you are from your profile.  They also have a better feeling that you’re going to be there to help them if they get started. Chatting on other social media sites (LinkedIn, Skype or Google +) works the exact same way.  In some cases chatting on our social media sites is even more effective because fewer people are doing it, and the people on those other platforms are more ‘business minded.’

Watch the IPAS2 training on how to chat with people right here under ‘Facebook Marketing Mastery – 2: Facebook Prospecting

How to Start An Online Business - Creating ContentPart 3: Creating Content

There are a lot of reasons to create your own content (videos and articles).  Among those reasons is that you have something valuable to give to send your email list.  The new content also helps attract new leads to your business through posting on Facebook and your other social media sites, putting your videos on YouTube, and ranking your blog posts in the search engines.  By using your own content, people get to know you better and you begin to build a connection and a following.  This is called “attraction marketing”, and it is how Bren and I make 90%+ of our online income (directly and indirectly).

Section #1 – Pick Your Topic of the Day (or Week)

We talk about how to pick your topic in Day 2, so I’m not going to cover that again.

If you are using the Kalatu blog, then there is a feature where the blogging platform will help generate blog ideas.  I found it practically extracts blog posts from me when you follow the 21-day challenge.

Section #2 – Create Content (Video, Written Blog Post, or Both)

Now it’s time to create some content.  The best content has a blog post AND a video, but you can choose to do either one if you don’t have enough time to do both.

When creating video, Bren and I just use our iPhones.  So just grab your cell phone and record yourself talking about the topic of the day for 2-3 minutes.  Make sure that towards the end tell people if they want to get started in a home business and make some extra money from home, then visit your website (and say the website name).  It’s that easy.  Keep the videos under 3 minutes!

It can be intimidating to create your first few videos.  I know.  But trust me when I tell you that each video gets easier and easier.  If you do this every day you’ll be surprised how comfortable you get doing them.

When you have your video finished, upload it to your channel.  Then put your affiliate link either in the first or second line of the video description (be sure to include the http:// to make sure it is clickable).  Then load it directly to your Facebook page with a short description below it and again include your affiliate link below the short description.

Then you’ll put the video at the top of your blog post with a link to your capture page below it, then a brief written summary of what’s inside the video, and another link to your business.

A good format for your blog post (if you are not using the Kalatu 21-day challenge):

  • Value content (video, image, written, or all three)
  • Call to action (telling people why they should click your link, followed by your link to your affiliate capture page)
  • Signature (image of you, contact info & a P.S promoting your business, tool or resource).

Look at THIS blog post… we follow this exact template.

That’s It For Now On How to Start An Online Business

This is Day 3, so you should be starting to build momentum in your business.  

If you finished the tasks in Day 3, and want to jump ahead to learn more about how to start an online business, then click the button below (the button will be activated once the new day’s exercise is written).

How to Start An Online Business


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