How to Visualize Success – A Guide to Manifesting Your Desires

manifesting your desires

How to Visualize Success – A Guide to Manifesting Your Desires.

Tonight as I sit back in my chair reflecting back on my past, I am reminded about how I got where I am today.

I used to meditate a lot more than I do now (though I am starting it up again). It helped clear my head, and give me inner peace. It also gave me clarity about my future.

I would visualize wealth, being able to travel, being strong and healthy, and who my idea wife and soul mate would be like. I would have such a clear mind and focus what I saw appeared real to me at the time.

The Power of Visualization

Fast forward to today: I am now engaged to my dream woman, Bren, who is my perfect partner. We have twenty rental properties. We have travelled to Italy, spent New Year’s Eve in both New York City and the Florida Keys, and we have had many other amazing adventures together. And I have built up a lot of physical strength from going to the gym.

Now I look forward and I want to create an even more amazing life for us. So I turn back to the visualization tools I used years ago to help me manifest even more.

Now keep in mind I’m a mechanical engineer by training. I have a very rational oriented mind so I understand if you might dismiss some of what I am saying. But I have come to realize that this process works… whether you believe in the Law of Attraction like I do now, or you only believe in science and the power of human motivation… either way if you practice what I did on a regular basis, and take action, you can manifest your desires. It doesn’t matter how it works… just that it does!

So today I want to take you on a journey with me. Together we will create a new future and start manifesting your desires. Let me show you how to visualize success and manifest your desires.

Visualizing Your Future and Manifesting Your Desires

Don’t worry if you have never meditated before. This is actually quite easy and gets even easier if you regularly practice this.

CleaHow to Visualize Success - A Guide to Manifesting Your Desires r Your Mind

Find a place where you can sit for at least 15 minutes undisturbed. I prefer not to lie down because otherwise I tend to fall asleep. 😉

Now close your eyes.

Start with your breathing. With long deep breaths count an in breath… 1. Then an out breath… 2. In breath…3. Out breath… 4. Then start again at 1. Continue this over and over again. Focus on your breathing and counting your breath. This will help you clear you mind.

If you find your mind drifting into thoughts about the day, worries, what you have to do, etc… recognize them as thoughts and just dismiss them and focus again on your breath. If you are new to meditation then this will probably occur regularly. Don’t worry. It is natural, and this will occur less with more practice.

After about 5 minutes of clearing your mind it is time to start visualizing your future.

Visualize Your Future

Visualize a line before you that goes out into the distance. It is radiant energy. Recognize this as your time line.

Picture where you are today on your timeline. The house you have. The clothes you are wearing. The job you have. The cars you have. Your present relationship status. Your physical health. Everything. Focus on this for about 15 to 20 seconds.

Now let’s look forward. Visualize your future self ten years from now. What do you want your future life to look like? Where are you living? What are you wearing? What do you do to make money? What do you drive. Who are you romantically involved with? What do you want to look like physically?

Visualize all aspects of what you desire.

How to Visualize Success

After you spent time visualizing your future self, now I want you to move along your timeline to that future self. Imagine shadowy images like a movie flashing around you like a movie as you move along your timeline.

You are now ten years in the future.

Take the time and focus on each element of you future for at least 15 seconds. As you focus on each one, be sure to imagine them as if you ALREADY achieved them. How would you feel by achieving each one? Imagine your happiness and pleasure.

Let take the example of your future source of income. What would that appear to you as? Are you sitting at a desk in an office? From home? On an airplane? What do you see you working on? Maybe on the computer screen?

What do you hear? Are there people around you? Is it quiet? Or is it busy? Maybe you hear the ocean in the distance? You get to create your own future here so let your imagination go free.

What do you smell? Can you taste anything? You want to make the experience of visualizing each goal achievement as if it already happened. During this entire time keep trying to feel like you would feel by accomplishing the goal… happiness, joy, pleasure, security… whatever you would feel.

By now you should feel like you have already manifested your future. You are there

How to Visualize Success - A Guide to Manifesting Your Desires Creating the Spark to Manifesting Your Desires

From the position of ten years in the future, look back to your present self. Imagine all the things you had to do in order to get where you are in your future.  Don’t worry if don’t know WHAT they are… just have a knowing that they are happened.

The actions you had to take.

Possibly the sacrifices you had to make.

Know that you took deliberate steps to achieve those goals. You may not know what they are now, but you had taken inspired action and made things happen.

Often if I have time I will go about the mind clearing exercise again to help raise my spiritual vibration to help accelerate my future. I believe by doing this I am closer to my spiritual self and I can accomplish even greater things.

That is all it takes to start manifesting your desires.

The Power of Visualization Today

Like I mentioned over the past couple years I have been picking up on my meditation again, and now I am meditating almost every day. I am not perfect, but I am driven again to create my new future.

I have goals in many aspects of my life that I would like to improve. I want to use the power of visualization to create an even better future for Bren and myself.

Among other things, my guidance has me building an online business from home. I never thought I would ever do anything like this, but the opportunity presented itself and I felt compelled to follow that path.

Our online business is now growing rapidly. We are reaching out and helping more and more people build their own online business from home.

If you feel that you are being guided to either making extra money, or even making it a full time career, by building and growing an online business from home, then let us help you. We love to help like-minded people to help make sure they are successful in their future.

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Here is to manifesting YOUR FUTURE SUCCESS.


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