Balancing Humility and Pride | Understanding the The Pride/Humility Wheel

Balancing Humility and Pride Understanding the The Pride Humility Wheel

“Balancing Humility and Pride | Understanding the The Pride/Humility Wheel” written by Guest Contributor.

I was listening to the founder of our company on the Top 200 call this week and received a piece of information that felt like he was speaking directly to us.

Mike and I have been seeing our online business grow in leaps and bounds over the past few months and along with this growth has come some challenges along the way.

For every level there is a new devil

The Pride/Humility Wheel

The thing that Dave Wood mentioned on the call is something called the Pride/Humility wheel.

Balancing Humility and Pride | Understanding the The Pride/Humility Wheel

When we start a new venture whether it be a business venture or a new skill we start out humble and open.

This humility along with a positive mental attitude and hard work will bring about a certain degree of success.

Here’s Where It Gets Tricky..

With this success and self-confidence pride can sneak in.

We feel we “know it all” and we go from a positive self-image to being closed to instruction from others.

This kind of pride then eventually leads to a fall and we go back to being humble again.

This can be a vicious cycle unless you know how to get off this wheel.

Our Own Power

Keep an open heart 


We should not view ourselves as a full cup—something that cannot receive more—but rather as an empty cup, always willing to learn more from others. Humility reminds us just how empty our cup really is. Humility helps us remember that what filled our cup yesterday won’t continue to fill our cup today.

Pride says, “I know it all. I don’t need your help.”
Humility says, “I am open to learning

Pride says, “They don’t know what they are doing.”
Humility says, “ We are all one and need each other for success.”

Pride says, “ I accomplished this by my own doing.”
Humility says, “I have learned from great mentors and I acknowledge the power of mercy and grace.”

Pride is angry and resentful
Humility is appreciative and grateful

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Getting Off the Humility Wheel

Get off the Pride Humility wheel by

  • Continually having a soft open heart
  • Continually being open to learning.
  • Realize what you know today may not be sufficient for tomorrow. This keeps you continually dependent on connections to others and your intuition.
  • If you feel yourself tempted to speak negative, instead turn it into a question to enquire how you can make the situation better.

As our business continues to grow and flourish this wisdom will help us avoid the pitfalls of a pride-full heart and we can continue to provide value and service to others.


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Article: Humility and Pride | Understanding the The Pride/Humility Wheel

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