Imperfection Rocks! Live Life Imperfectly

Imperfection Rocks!  Live Life Imperfectly

When you stop expecting people and situations to be perfect before you take a chance with them, you can start to appreciate them for who and what they are. Imperfections are important, and so are mistakes. We get to be good by learning from our mistakes and we get to be real by being imperfect.

So I’ve been trying to listen for guidance and practice doing something out of my routine this week; to take a chance and practice being vulnerable and living life imperfectly. I decided to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but have been a little intimidated…
I tried a Pure Barre class today.

If you’re not familiar with Pure Barre it’s a class that uses the barre, a stationary handrail, for ballet warm-up exercises and some ballet positions. It’s a hard, intense, low-impact fitness workout.  You use the barre for body-weight resistance in a combination of stretching, lengthening and pulsing exercises.

Imperfection Rocks! Live Life Imperfectly - Bren Koger

The studio is nice has a yoga clothing boutique and is FILLED with ultra fit beautiful people so I wanted to be able to keep up and not make a spectacle out of myself.  The class was full so I found my little spot which happened to be the only one left in the middle of the room.  I found all my supplies (torture devices) bands and weights and a little ball and as I was sitting there forcing myself to take deep breaths and thinking this is great.  I noticed everyone but me had on black socks (apparently they are called sticky socks and help with traction. Who knew?) and I had white ones on. It just made me smile. The class itself is a challenge and the instructor had to guide me through a couple of the intricate moves and stances and I was sure everyone could hear her giving me instructions over the mic she had attached to her chest, but I kept up! YAY! And I even signed up for the one month trial of unlimited classes.

I can’t wait to see what is coming next. I feel like the more I do this, the more challenges I will be given.

Some things I learned about living imperfectly

1) It’s exhilarating to step through that self-imposed barrier and try a new experience. It made me feel more alive!

2) I DID feel vulnerable and a bit conspicuous, but being different is OK and I’m sure it was more in my head than anything.

3) I found my self making comparisons with many of the people in the room and that’s ok too because mostly I just appreciated each of our unique humanness… especially my own.

And mostly…

It’s ok to walk in my own white socks imperfectly. If you want to truly grow into your best self, let go of the notion of perfection and replace it with the notion of endless playful exploration. It is better to live your own destiny honestly, joyfully and imperfectly, than holding back and miss an adventure!

Loving Life!
  Have an amazing weekend!


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Imperfection Rocks! Live Life Imperfectly - Bren Koger

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Article:  Imperfection Rocks!  Live Life Imperfectly

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