Instagram Marketing Secrets – Why Get People From Instagram to Facebook

Instagram Marketing Secrets - Why Get People From Instagram to Facebook

” Instagram Marketing Secrets – Why Get People From Instagram to Facebook” written by Mike Marko.

Are you looking how to take your social media marketing to the next level?

You hear of people using social media marketing effectively but are you having trouble getting it to work?

I initially had some challenges as well because social media marketing didn’t come naturally to me.  But after doing research, networking with social media marketers, and trial and error, I’ve come up with a social media marketing strategy that works.

And that brings us to the topic of today’s blog post.

VIDEO: Get People from Instagram to Facebook

Previously we shared Instagram Marketing Secrets.  In this video I talk about one of my strategies in using social media: getting people from Instagram to Facebook.

Why Get People from Instagram to Facebook

When coming up with a total marketing plan, you need to understand what are your hubs in your online network.  Where do you want everything to revolve around.  Knowing your hubs can help you keep on track with your strategy.

You want to keep the number of hubs to one or two, depending on the size of your network (as it grows with time).

For example, we use our blog ( and Facebook as our two hubs.

So why get people from our Instagram accounts to Facebook?  We do it because we like to cultivate that tribal feeling on Facebook, where building something similar in Instagram is more challenging. Also using Facebook as our social media hub makes it easier to manage our social media presence… we aren’t having to maintain as many conversations, etc., on other platforms and can focus even more attention on Facebook.

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How Do You Get People from Instagram to Facebook?

That’s easy…  We ask people on Instagram to DM (Direct Message) us.

When they do DM us, we ask them if they would like to join our private Facebook group that we focus on “xxx” (“xxx” being whatever the particular congruent group is).  For instance, if you are focusing on the Travel niche then you may have a private Facebook group about travel secrets and tips.

The private group aspect makes people feel like they are in special, and they get to belong to something exclusive.  They will mostly likely say yes.

Then ask them for their email so that you an add them to the group.

Why their email?

Because now you have their email for marketing purpose plus you have the email they specifically use for Facebook, which will often be an email they use more frequently (or at a minimum isn’t a dead email).

Now What?

Now that you have they in that private group, keep providing value with tips and ideas.  Give them stuff that will help solve their problems related to the chosen niche.

Over time you build up a tribe of people in that group that will trust and respect you… and for us marketers a following that will be more willing to purchase from us.


Final Thoughts on Getting People From Instagram to Facebook

Once you have them established, keep in mind what your hubs are for your online network.  All your activities will focus around those hubs then.

In this case, knowing that Facebook is our hub makes it easy to decide to try and get our followers on Instagram to Facebook so we can further build up that relationship.

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Article: Instagram Marketing Secrets – Why Get People From Instagram to Facebook

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