IPAS 2 Review – If You Are Asking “Is IPAS 2 a Scam?”


IPAS 2 Review – If You Are Asking “Is IPAS 2 a Scam?”

A lot of people have no clue how to build their own online business effectively.  Often they are taught enough to go through the motions, but often the gurus hold back the essential information needed to make money.

I am going to show you what 95% of people are presently doing WRONG inside of their online business as well as explain to you ‘exactly’ what IPAS 2 is and how it can help you with your business.

Before we really dive into the full review, let’s answer the question that you are probably thinking…

Is IPAS 2 a Scam?

Answer: NO!

IPAS 2 is definitely not a scam!

In fact, it’s actually FREE! (for now) So how can something that’s completely free be a scam? that just wouldn’t make any sense and I shouldn’t of even had that question in my title to begin with. (my apologies)

But currently there is a HUGE buzz surrounding this IPAS2 system, mainly it’s because the system claims to have these incredible features and benefits such as…

  1. Traffic Masters That Drive Traffic – FOR YOU
  2. Sales Agents That Close Sales – FOR YOU
  3. Business Assistants That Will Coach Your New Members – FOR YOU

At this point you are probably thinking:

  • Is this true?
  • Do you actually get your own Personal Business Coaches that will Tell, Sell and Coach your new customers?
  • What’s the catch?

These are a few of many questions that I’ll be answering for you within this IPAS2 review.

I am also going to show you what 95%+ of people online are doing wrong within their online business… and odds are that you’re one of them.

So first things first, let me tell you exactly what IPAS 2 was created to do.

IPAS 2 Review – If You Are Asking "Is IPAS 2 a Scam?"What Is IPAS 2?

IPAS stands for ‘Internet Prospect Acceleration Systems’ and it’s actually a SYSTEM and FORMULA that teaches people how to make money online.

IPAS 2 is actually a product that both supplies the right education that shows, and helps supplies, people what needs to be in place, in order for them to have a successful online business.

Unfortunately, most people are lead to believe (because of the all the hype out there) that they only need to do a few simple things to make an income online.

But the fact of the matter is this you can NOT make tens of thousands of dollars online as a complete novice with only a few weeks effort. Yet, there are tens of thousands of people online who join a business opportunity only to give up after a couple of weeks, or sometimes even days.  They then get hyped up into another program and the same thing happens – they don’t do much work, if any, and then they quit due to no results.

IPAS 2 is lays it all out for you… you’re finally going to know ‘exactly’ what needs to be in place for you to make an income from an online business.

Next, let me explain to you what you’re probably doing wrong with your online business right now.

What Most People are Presently Doing Wrong in Their Online Business

If you already have a product or service to sell online, you are probably familiar with the standard procedure that everyone is presently doing…

The first step is to get TRAFFIC…

Step 1. Get Traffic

No matter what business opportunity you join, you will be given a link you to promote.  That means you need to get traffic that to that offer and convert leads into sales or you will not make money.

So the first step is to get traffic to see what you are promoting. You can do that by either doing free methods such as blogging, video marketing, pod casting, social media, etc., or by paid advertising.

Step 2. Generate Leads and Build a List

A lot of new online businesses fail at this step… that is to build a list.  List building is probably the most important aspect of  an online marketing business.  A list is your most important asset in your business.  A lot of people will create a blog or show people the link they are trying to promote, but if they are not using a capture page (also referred to as a landing page, squeeze page or opt-in page) to get at least emails from their leads then they are falling short.  Don’t fall into that trap.  If your offer does not have a capture page then you need to create one.

The reason of why we don’t send our traffic straight to our offer is because hardly anyone will buy our product, service or join our business opportunity straight off the bat.

There will be a very low percentage of people who will buy on their first exposure to an opportunity. That’s why we want to capture their information so that we can follow up with them by sending them more information about our product(s), service(s) or business opportunity(s).  We use an “email auto-responder” to both help store our list of lead information and send them our emails on autopilot.

Step 3. Make Sales

Ok, so now you have capture a list of emails and you are emailing them regularly using an auto-responder to present your main offer.  Now here is something to consider… it is known in the industry that most people will buy your product on the 7th exposure to whatever it is you’re offering.  This means that you will make the majority of your sales on any of your first seven emails sent to your leads.

Now this is where people also go wrong: they don’t make the sale on the 8th email… what do they do?

… they continue to send their initial offer by constantly blasting emails to their leads.

IPAS 2 Review – If You Are Asking "Is IPAS 2 a Scam?"This is the wrong way to make money online.  If someone doesn’t buy your offer within the first seven emails then it’s quite clear that they are not likely to ever buy that product, service, or join that business opportunity.

So by continuing to blast them with more emails to the same offer, the only thing that you’re doing is basically just annoying them. They will see you as a spammer and they will now never open your emails again. You have completely ruined the relationship and trust with that lead.

Another thing that over 95% of people online are doing wrong is… They send their leads to their main offer straight off the bat. This is yet another HUGE MISTAKE.

You should NOT send emails to your leads that go to your main offer straight off the bat. What we do inside of IPAS 2 is we implement what’s called a ‘Tripwire.

We first send them with a very ‘low priced’ offer first. Usually something that only costs around $7 and has great value for the price.

IPAS 2 Review – If You Are Asking "Is IPAS 2 a Scam?"The reasons we do this is because:

  • It gets your prospects foot in the door
  • Such a low priced offer means more customers
  • It gets your prospect into the buying mood

Most people are nervous/skeptical about making their first online business investment… I know Bren and I were. We were worried I was being scammed.  But after we made our first purchase and we realized the value of that purchase, we became more comfortable about future online business investments.

That is why IPAS 2 introduces the tripwire.  The tripwire is a cheap, risk free investment that will get the prospect’s foot in the door and into the “buying mood”.  It has been proven that using a tripwire will triple the number of people buying your main offer.

Now, If your leads do NOT buy your trip-wire offer after the 8th email then there is no point in continuing to send them emails to the same offer. After the 8th email we know that they are not interested in that particular offer, so we now send them emails to another trip-wire offer that’s a bit different from the first, perhaps we drop the price down or perhaps we send them something that’s free and of VALUE to gain some trust.

If your leads buy the trip-wire then there is a MUCH higher chance of them buying your next offer than if you had no trip-wire.

This is actually a proven fact. With a tripe-wire in place you will get way more sales on your next offer or on your main offer

So if you implemented a trip-wire offer before your main offer then you will see some HUGE profits inside your business.

For more information about IPAS 2 click here.

Work With Us

People look to either Bren or myself to help coach them in how to start a business online.  Our expertise often gives people the comfort to get started and keep going. Not only do we share our expertise in building an online business, but we also help you find the power within yourself.  The end result is that you will grow and  take steps towards your prosperous future.

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IPAS 2 Review – If You Are Asking "Is This IPAS 2 a Scam?" - IPAS2 - Mike MarkoOnce you have signed up, we can get you started with iPAS 2 which will help you automate your business.  One of the appeals to having an online business is that it can generate passive income, and iPAS 2 helps you achieve that.

If you still have questions about iPAS 2, check out our iPAS 2 FAQ by clicking here.


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Article: IPAS 2 Review – If You Are Asking “Is IPAS 2 a Scam?”

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