Is Dan Lok, the King of High Ticket Sales, a Scam or Not?

High Ticket Closer Dan Lok Is a Scam Artist...or Not - Dan Lok, High Ticket Closer, Entrepreneur

“High Ticket Closer | Is Dan Lok a Scam Artist…or Not?” written by Mike Marko.

You probably heard or read about Dan Lok somewhere.

Is it true that he’s a scam artist or all this noise about him being a scam are just lies or negative publicity?

Dan Lok is popular and very well-known when it comes to the online marketing world. He actually has over 2 million followers among his accounts in different social media platforms.

He is recognized as a well-known motivational speaker and a world-class consultant for being able to establish successful businesses.

He is also known for being associated with the High Ticker Closer program.

Dan Lok is also popularly known as The King of High-Ticket Sales. Many people are spreading negativity about him through comments on his social media accounts as well as on numerous articles.

Many people consider Dan Lok and his High Ticket Closer as a scam.

That’s what we are going to determine in this post if Dan Lok and his High Ticket Closer program is a scam, or not.

Should You Consider Dan Lok a Scam Artist?

You can tell that something is a scam if it’s fraud or has a dishonest scheme.

Actually, a lot of scams can be found everywhere and even on the Internet. That’s why there are now scam review sites where people can check about a business and its offerings.

There could be many signs to indicate that a business is a scam. Illegal attempts to get your personal details, emails telling you that you won the lottery are just some examples of a scam.

But what if you encounter a person who’s like this.

Are you going to consider this person a scam artist if this person is encouraging you to believe in yourself?

If this person is trying to convince you to be a better version of yourself? If this person wants to help you achieve more success in your life, relationship, and wealth?

If this person is willing to share with you his secrets and learnings so you can follow what he did to attain success?

Who doesn’t want to be successful in life, relationships, career or money? We all want to be successful. If we want to learn how to achieve success in these areas, it’s best to follow the footsteps or guidance of a person who have done it before.

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Dan Lok and His Life

Dan Lok is a very successful figure in his field as one of the highest paid speakers and high-ticket consultant. With such kind of success, we may assume that he is enjoying a luxury life with his family.

But before Dan Lok has reached his success, he also experienced adversities and hardships.

Dan Lok and His Humble Beginnings

Dan Lok is an immigrant coming from Hong Kong. At the age of 14, he had to learn to adapt to a new country as well as its culture and lifestyle.

Dan Lok worked hard for himself and his mother.

After his parents divorced when he was 16, and his father went bankrupt, he had to work hard since then. He learned to become independent while also taking care of his mother.

Dan Lok and His Journey to Success

Dan Lok also experienced failures in business. He has been into 13 ventures before he even started achieving success in his business. He has experienced how to be in debt and how it felt like to almost give up.

Dan Lok had a mentor who taught him about what he needs to do to change his life for the better. After listening and applying all the learnings to his ventures before, he finally attained financial freedom.

At 27, he was able to reach his first milestone for earning his first million, and he became a multimillionaire at 30. He spent his riches by wearing tailormade custom suits, and he also bought luxury cars.

But, more than being a multimillionaire, Dan Lok has a lot more to offer.

He went through a lot of ventures. From online and internet marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing, and home business opportunities, Dan Lok has been through all these sorts of ventures. He also has been an author to many books.

He was able to establish himself as a prominent expert when it comes to High Ticket Sales. That’s why he was known as the King of High-Ticket Sales.

Knowing What is a High Ticket Closer

A High Ticket Closer is one who earns from High Ticket Sales.

To earn from High Ticket Sales, you will have to sell expensive products with a high value like jewelry, automobile, and real estate. The typical cost of these products would go well above $1,000 per unit.

Clients in High Ticket sales are much different from the usual online buyers. They have a higher net worth compared to the typical online buyers.

The ideal clients for High Ticket sales are those who can be considered as advocates for the products. These people are those who can bring influence to the public and who can be a good representative of the products.

This type of clients is those that also won’t fall under the whim buyer type. They are likely to think wisely about their purchases.

Especially because making a purchase of a total of $20,000 for a car isn’t just a $20 worth. It has a huge value.

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How to Determine an Effective High Ticket Closer

What makes a good High Ticket Closer?

A good High Ticket Closer should have these attributes: articulate, charismatic, and passionate.  He is someone who highly believes in the product that he’s selling. He maintains a good image and credibility since it is also part of the product or service that he is offering.

People should be able to feel his sense of authority when it comes to selling his products. He should be knowledgeable about the product that he’s trying to sell to every client. He himself should portray that he has the appreciation for the product that he’s selling. This is so that potential buyers can sense it.

Using the products and having real-life experience in using the product is a good way to be a person of authority.

The Struggles of Being a High Ticket Closer

Dealing with High Ticket clients requires a different kind of approach in selling. There are times where the seller and the target client don’t belong in the same economic stratum. If this is the situation, there will be communication gaps between the two parties.

Issues addressed by the seller can be perceived by the target client in a different way.

Failing to communicate and connect effectively to the target client will result in botched sales and failed ventures.

The good thing is the type of selling for High Ticket clients can be learned. With the help of a good teacher who will share the knowledge about it, we can learn it.

What is Dan Lok’s High Ticket Product?

Dan Lok is the man behind the High-Ticker Closer Certification Program. In this program, he teaches men and women who want to learn about how to be able to sell High Ticket items.

What Dan Lok Provides?

Dan Lok teaches his students the right approach in dealing with clients of High Tickets items, from the beginning up to the closing of a sale. Aside from that, he will also show them the different struggles that they can encounter in dealing with this kind of transaction. He will also help them figure out how to handle the quirks of their target clients.

The objective of this program is to help the students in establishing their financial momentum. Once they are ready, they can then begin venturing into different businesses where they can apply what they have learned from the program.

Dan Lok not only teaches the students but he trains and mentors them to turn into excellent closes of High Ticket items. It’s not just enough that they learn the knowledge on closing High Ticket sales. He wants to see them succeed just like he is. He wants to see a version of himself in his students.

Paying it Forward

Dan Lok believes that if you want to become a successful High Ticker closer, you’ll need to have a mentor to help you learn the ropes. After finding a mentor, that’s when a turnaround in his business happened.

As a way of showing his gratitude to his mentor, he wants to pay it forward. This is why he’s been mentoring students in his High-Ticket Closer Certification Program.

If you truly aspire to become a successful High Ticker Closer, you should learn it from an expert. Just like how an aspiring lawyer goes to law school to learn from professors and lawyers. There’s no better way to learn how to become a High Ticket Closer but from the King of High-Ticket Sales.

And just like how people pay for tuition to study in law school, you will also need to pay money to enroll in Dan Lok’s High-Ticker Closer Certification Program.

If you want to become a High Ticket closer, learn it from the best to be the best. 

What Else Can Dan Lok Teach You?

Aside from learning the art of closing High Ticket Sales in Dan Lok’s High-Ticker Closer Certification Program, you can learn a lot more from the King of High-Ticket Sales.

Dan Lok will also teach you how to be resilient. After starting 13 ventures and failing all these, he never gave up. Imagine how resilient he is. That’s one thing you’ll learn from him.

You will also learn about how important is hard work and perseverance. If you want to have a successful business, you need to always keep these two things in mind even when you’re facing the most difficult situations in your business.

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Resilience during Tough Times 

In every venture that you’ll start and abandon when tough times occur, you face disappointment and failure in the instant that you set up a new business instead.

For Dan Lok, it is important to be consistent in learning and developing own skills.

If you want to become a prominent businessman, your mindset should be focused on delivering value to your clients. Having this kind of mindset is an important key to being a successful entrepreneur.

Skills such as blogging, teaching, and delivering your ideas to the marketplace are important skills to acquire.

Once you have the right mindset and you have acquired the needed skill set, that’s when you start earning money.

How Dan Lok can Help You

Having a mentor can help you increase your chance of being a successful High-Ticket Closer. Dan Lok only succeed in his business after he had a mentor. Enrolling in Dan Lok’s High-Ticket Closer Certification Program makes you sure that you have the best mentor around to teach, guide, and mentor you.

What you’ll learn in Dan Lok’s High-Ticker Closer Certification are valuable and essential skills that will stay in you forever.

Once you graduate from the program, you’ll be more ready in the businesses that you plan to venture. Once tough times occur, you’ll know what you should do.

Final Thoughts: Is Dan Lok a Scam?

Crab mentality is something that most of us have. It is basically being jealous when we see people who have more than what we have. This applies to almost everything, may it be in love, relationships, or wealth.

Most of the time, what we tend to do is bring these people down instead of admiring or praising them. We even accuse them of lies like calling them scam artists.

If you are in their shoe, would it be fair for you?

We have a choice. We can either start embracing the truth about a person or not. We can choose to follow what another person is doing or not. We can choose to try emulating their lives if we appreciate the kind of life they have now.

We may choose to be a student under Dan Lok’s High-Ticket Closer Certification Program or not.

If you aspire to be a High Ticket Closer, you may choose to enroll. If you are in the same situation where Dan Lok once has been, and you want to change the course of your life, you may also enroll.

But there will always be people who will choose to react negatively once they see a person’s success. There will always be people who will pretend not to know the truth and will still call Dan Lok a scam artist.

Whom do you choose to be?

If you have more to add in today’s article or you have questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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High Ticket Closer | Is Dan Lok a Scam Artist...or Not - Mike Marko

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Article: Is Dan Lok, the King of High Ticket Sales, a Scam or Not?


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