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Is IPAS 2 a SCAM or Legit | IPAS2 Review

Do yourself a favor… Don’t sign up for IPAS 2 until you see this IPAS system scam review…

Here in this iPAS2 review and scam analysis, I am going to show you what 95% of people are currently doing WRONG inside of their business as well as explain to you ‘exactly’ what iPAS 2 is and how it can help you within your business.

But first, to kick things off with this review I am first going to answer the question that is in the title of this article, and that is…

Is iPAS 2 a Scam?

Answer: NO!

iPAS 2 is NOT a scam!

Don’t listen to the competitors who are trying to scare you away.  Some will do everything they can to steer you away, even make hugely exaggerated claims about costs!

Excitement about the new IPAS2

There is a HUGE buzz surrounding the IPAS 2 system… mostly because the claims about the system’s incredible features and benefits (listed below) seem too good to be true…

  • IPAS System Traffic Masters That Drive Traffic for You
  • IPAS System Sales Agents That Close Sales for You
  • IPAS System Business Assistants That Will Coach Your New Members for You

These features and benefits are crazy good and make running an online business almost too easy.

We have a lot to talk about so let’s get started.

iPAS 2 - Mike Marko - IPAS system

What is IPAS 2?

IPAS stands for Internet Prospect Acceleration System.  It’s actually a system and formula that teaches people how to make money online.  It is also a product that teaches people what needs to be in place in order to successfully market online.

The following video gives the quick definition about iPAS 2 Marketing System.

Is IPAS 2 a SCAM or Legit | IPAS2 Review

Unfortunately, people have been falsely led to believe that only a few simple things are needed to be done in order to market online and make a good income.  What they don’t realize is that a novice cannot make money within a few weeks of starting… and many give up within a couple weeks of trying.  They had bought into the hype… and then quit if they don’t have immediate results.

What the IPAS 2 system does for you is help accelerate the learning curve AND automates parts of your marketing.

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People Want Easy To Use Products

Let’s face it. You don’t have time to learn all the in and outs of creating a perfect follow up system that will teach, market, and sell for you.

You should be busy getting potential customers, or leads as we call them.

There are lots of products out there that promise you fast success. BUT, what they often forget to mention in the small print: You have to spend tons of tedious hours setting things up! This archaic model does not work anymore. People want easy to use products.

The iPAS 2 from the sneak peak below looks is very easy to manage and get around. Most of the system comes ready to go out of the box.  You can either personalize if for yourself (if you are leader) or use the ready made template sales funnel. I really appreciate this flexibility!

Marketing The Old Way

If you’re trying to market online using the old school method of:

Is IPAS 2 a SCAM? - ipas 2Here’s why it no longer works:

•    People are sick of it
•    They ignore it
•    There is too much competition
•    Too much hype online right now

Marketing With IPAS 2 the New Way

The new formula works like this:

Is IPAS 2 a SCAM?Without the tripwire the conversion rate is typically 1.5%. For IPAS 2′s main $47 product that’s $705. With a tripwire not only does your sales climb to 8%, but studies show people who buy with a tripwire are at least ten times more likely to buy your core product.

So for every 1000 prospects who buy the IPAS2 trip wire for $7  your trip wire profit=$560

30% go on to buy the $47 main product= $1128.00 sales

1000 people = $560+ $1128.00 =$1688 in sales.

You go from $705 to $1128. That’s over double your sales adding the tripwire!

and of course there’s more….

They then added another second tripwire which helps convert those that don’t buy the first tripwire!

Online Mentoring with Bren and Mike - IPAS scam review

Enough Exposure!

An average of seven exposures are needed for people to buy online.

With IPAS2 your prospect will get a system of emails.  If they don’t take the first trip wire after several emails, then they are offered another tripwire in a slightly different way.

That’s two trip wires and two proven methods to double your sales.

iPAS 2 Definition

Features of IPAS 2 Marketing System

So you are probably wondering what is included in IPAS 2.

The features include:

– Unique Funded Proposal System that pays up to 70% on all front end sales.

– Completely automated up-sell process for Empower Network products

– Simple design and functionality for optimal conversions.

– Real-Time Live Chat within the sales process

– Integrated Personal Coaches that Tell, Sell and Train your prospects and leads.

– Custom hangout pages, community pages, video on dashboard of sponsor, custom team updates, custom sponsor updates.

– Complete co-brandable solution for customization and team building.

– Simplified purchasing process that consolidates all the Empower Network products into 3 basic IPAS2 packages

– Custom Team Funnels

– Easy to setup

– Full campaign Tracking

– And lots more…

Now what?

Click the link below to get more information on iPAS 2 if you’re serious about building your network marketing business.

And Bren & I are committed to your success and invite you to team up with us!

If you still have questions about iPAS 2, check out our iPAS 2 FAQ by clicking here.

So yeah… to answer the question about “is IPAS2 a scam or legit?” – you can definitely say “IPAS2 is legit”.  You definitely want to join the IPAS system and get building your business today.

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Article: Is the IPAS 2 a SCAM or Legit | IPAS2 Review

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