It Just Gets Better With Video

It Just Gets Better With Video.

This last weekend I were reflecting about my very first videos.  It has been over a year ago since I shot my very first video… and I had come a long way.

Watch the video below as I talk about the process I made.

VIDEO: It Just Gets Better With Video

No matter what you decide to do to build your online business: blogging, video, and/or pod casting, you will struggle at the beginning.  That is part of the process.  Don’t expect to get it right immediately… it took us about a year to get where we are today, and we still have a far way to go.

Lol… in fact I commented to Bren after watching this video the first time I realized there were things I should have done differently.  Do you know what I did?  Nothing.  Well not actually nothing, but I didn’t reshoot the video.  I kept it as is, and made some notes on what to improve for next time.

Don’t be afraid to make errors, because you will no matter what you end up doing.  The key is that you started moving and making things happen.  You can always correct things once you get going.

And have fun with it!

By the way, you can check out our first videos on our YouTube channel (the link is on the right of this page).

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Article:  It Just Gets Better With Video

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