It’s All About Doing Whatever It takes

Does Doing What You Love Lead to Success

Being successful in your business venture requires you to do everything, whatever it takes for you to succeed, according to Dan Lok. 

He gives an example for us to better understand what he’s talking about. Say you want to lose weight.

When you want to lose weight, you have to get up in the morning, go to the gym, and follow a very strict diet. 

Those tasks aren’t the most appealing things to do. Let’s be honest about that. 

However, you have to do whatever it takes to lose weight and feel good about yourself. 

You will do whatever it takes to get the results that you want and to attain your objective. 

As I’ve said earlier, it helps if you’re a morning person, if you love running, going to the gym, or even counting calories. 

However, it isn’t the same for us. 

And in the business world, people don’t care if you love what you’re doing or not. 

The marketplace or your customers will only care about the results that you can deliver. Thus, it’s important for you to do whatever it takes to attain those results. 

It’s All about the Value 

Another point that Dan Lok emphasizes is that the industry only cares about the value of the things that you put out. 

They only care if a problem is being solved by a specific product or service. 

When you gain the customer’s trust that you can do all these things for them, they will then give you their money. 

See, all you have to do is get on with the plan and do whatever it takes to succeed and to cater to the needs of the market. 

Don’t get me wrong. If you love the process, then consider that a bonus. 

However, Dan Lok also points out that there are a lot of things in his business that he hates doing. 

For instance, he doesn’t enjoy dealing with people that he doesn’t like, or when he has to create another marketing campaign, etc. 

See, even someone as successful as Dan Lok still thinks that it would be better to not have to deal with some aspects of his business to make it easier. 

However, he has to do those things and do whatever it takes to succeed. 

Dan Lok also says that he loves certain parts of his business, of course, like mentoring people. 

But he still points out that there are a lot of things that he doesn’t like but has to do for his business to flourish and for him to succeed. 

See, everyone wants the glory, but not everyone wants to deal with the pain and the effort. 

If you want people to follow you, you have to do all the work. And believe me when I say that you won’t be able to enjoy everything. 

Dan Lok review

Do Whatever It Takes and Make It a Commitment 

Now that you know why it really doesn’t matter if you love what you’re doing when wanting to succeed in business, here’s the last point that Dan Lok shared with us. 

He said that you have to make a commitment to do whatever it takes for your business to succeed. 

The formula isn’t doing what you love and the money will follow.

Rather, it is “Do whatever it takes and you will succeed”.

You have to follow this formula consistently and you will really succeed.

If you have further questions about doing whatever it takes to make your business flourish and about Dan Lok, you may read a Dan Lok book, check out his High Ticket Closer program, or check this Dan Lok review. 

Those tools will help you know Dan Lok better and for you to also succeed in your ventures just like he did. 

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Article: It’s All About Doing Whatever It takes

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