Jerry Seinfeld Teaches How to End Procrastination

Jerry Seinfeld Teaches How to End Procrastination” written by Mike Marko.

It is interesting that there is something we can all learn from Jerry Seinfeld when it comes to business, life, and how to achieve massive results.

All the time I see people who struggle with procrastination.  They fail to get things done in their business that should be easy to do.

When you start building an online business, you have will have your fair share of mental hurtles.  You will find yourself struggling with getting things done, and sometimes struggling with family members and friends that throw doubt at your career path.

I know there are times I find it tough to continue through the day to day grind.  It is difficult to maintain a consistent discipline.  Even as I struggled to figure out what to write about tonight,  I had trouble feeling like writing…. (that was until I actually started writing).

Even now I find myself procrastinating at times.  I end up spending more time watching vs actually doing… wasting endless amounts of time.

I knew when we first started that I wanted to have a successful blog, and build a big following of people that appreciated how we helped a lot of people along the way.

Now that we have a successful blog (which is getting more and more successful) I find that there are still things I procrastinate about.

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Why Do Some People Fail and Others CRUSH It?

What is the difference between athletes, entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, or anyone one else who has done something great and everyone else?

The difference is consistency.

The people who excel and manifest phenomenal results are those same people who do the RIGHT things for a LONGER period of time.

Will Smith & How to End Procrastination

This reminds me of a quote from Will Smith:

“The only thing that I see that is distinctly different about me is I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill. I will not be out-worked, period. You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, you might be sexier than me, you might be all of those things you got it on me in nine categories. But if we get on the treadmill together, there’s two things: You’re getting off first, or I’m going to die. It’s really that simple, right?

You’re not going to out-work me. It’s such a simple, basic concept. The guy who is willing to hustle the most is going to be the guy that just gets that loose ball. The majority of people who aren’t getting the places they want or aren’t achieving the things that they want in this business is strictly based on hustle. It’s strictly based on being out-worked; it’s strictly based on missing crucial opportunities. I say all the time if you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready.”

And If Don’t Know How to End Procrastination…

The people who fail or get mediocre results may start off with the best intentions in the world… but when life gets tough, when they’re not feeling 100%, when there are personal problems, or when daily life gets in the way… they throw in the towel.  Once the momentum is lost it is tough to regain.

The person who truly wants success and loves what they do will always get back into the game.  They remain consistent no matter how hard they get knocked down by life.

They keep at it day in and day out.

Bruce Lee once said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

The person who can keep at it no matter what will always win.

So how does Jerry Seinfeld fit into all this?

What Jerry Seinfeld Teaches about How to End Procrastination

Years back a young comedian approached Jerry backstage at a club and asked him for advice.

The comedian asked Jerry if he had “any tips for a young comedian starting in the biz”.

Jerry went on to tell him that if you want to become a better comedian you have to create better jokes and if you want to create better jokes you have to write daily.

How to end procrastinationThen Jerry suggested to the young boy to buy a giant wall calendar, and a red marker, and hang the calendar in a place he would see it everyday.

The young boy’s  task was to mark a red X everyday that he completed his writing assignment.

Jerry went on to say “After a few days of making red X’s you will have a chain. You will enjoy seeing that chain, especially when you do the tasks for a few weeks straight. Your only goal is to never break the chain.”

How to End Procrastination with your Online Business

The key here is not to focus on results.  Most people never get started, or if they do don’t go very far, because they’re caught up on the outcome.

Common objections are:

  • What if I do all this work with no results.
  • What if I don’t do the right things.
  • I’m not a good writer like you’re.
  •  I have no results and no one will trust me.

When I first started I thought like this too.  And it held us back from really digging in and getting results.  I was more focused on the results and how we hadn’t received the income that we expected yet.  It held me back form mastering the skills that I needed.

The trick is not to focus so much on the results, but instead focus on what is needed to be done daily, like writing blog posts, doing videos, and promoting/advertising.

Follow Jerry Seinfeld’s Advice

The trick is to really hold yourself accountable.  Set small tasks you do daily that will result in a big pay off over time.  It’s easy to think that we need to have massive amounts of motivation, take tons of action, and there will be a big payoff.

But most people will not be able to keep up that pace no matter how much they desire to create a better lifestyle.

For me, my daily routine looks like this:

  • Write a blog post of at least 800-1200 words daily
  • Send at least one email to the list (one of the could be the blog post)
  • Do at least one activity to promote/advertise
  • Got to gym

These tasks all add up to one big thing at the end of the month.  Take steps towards your goal… don’t try to do it all at once.   And by doing this you will have helped solved the problem on how to end procrastination.

Here’s to your future success blogging!

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Article:  Jerry Seinfeld Teaches How to End Procrastination

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