Job Security or Financial Freedom?

Job Security or Financial Freedom? 

One of the biggest things I’ve taken from Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad is that when he was a child he and his friend had to work for his Rich Dad for no pay for months in return for some valuable information. He was offered quite a bit of money a couple of times to just walk away, but chose to keep working for free. He temporarily ignored the temptation to buy the things he was wanting and was eventually taught the valuable lessons he was seeking on how to get rich.

This is valuable because it teaches about the dangers of job security vs. financial freedom. What many people do is get a job right after high school or college and then start to buy liabilities like a house, car, boat, etc. It becomes a vicious cycle of buying more things and a lifetime of working for money instead of having your money work for you. To become financially independent takes a period time and effort without financial reward to show for it. In fact you may be investing everything you have and then some to get your business off the ground, and in the beginning while your building your financial fortune you will be working for no money. That can get scary and your vision is the only thing that can keep you going at times. The fear of losing money and failing can be painful.

And if the time it takes to start to see some financial reward for all your hard word goes beyond what you anticipated, it can be easy to give up as many people do.

Path to Financial Freedom

If you’ve ever considered starting your own business consider whether you have the following characteristics and skills commonly associated with successful entrepreneurs:

Are you comfortable with taking calculated risks

Entrepreneurship involves uncertainty. Almost every business decision requires some degree of risk. Willingness to take calculated risk gives you a competitive edge.

No fear of embarrassment

Entrepreneurs have to make a lot of decisions on their own. Do you find you can trust your instincts and you’re not afraid of what others think?

Baby steps

Are you comfortable with doing small things consistently to achieve your goals

Delayed gratification

Are you willing to make short term sacrifices for long term gains

Able to negotiate

As a small business owner, you will need to negotiate everything from leases to contract terms. Polished negotiation skills will help you save money and keep your business running smoothly.

Tenacious mixed with optimism

Are you able to hold on to your vision or idea through thick or thin… like a dog to a bone?

Business mentor

Before you start a business, it’s important to have a strong support system in place. Do you have a business mentor- someone who is experienced, successful and willing to provide advice and guidance?


If being an entrepreneur is for you, begin to see the purpose of work as more than meeting a financial need because its meaning can go infinitely beyond financial security. Visualize a world where you no longer need to rely on a paycheck. That will begin the change in your thinking that will lead you to financial freedom.

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 Job Security or Financial Freedom?

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Article:  Job Security or Financial Freedom?

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