5 Reasons You Want to Join the Tiger 21 Club

5 Reasons You Want to- Join the Tiger 21 Club Richistan by Robert Frank

5 Reasons You Want to Join the Tiger 21 Club (but probably can’t)” written by Guest Contributor.

How would you like to have your biggest problem of the day be that you can’t find a good manager (butler) for your 50 house staff to run your 15 homes?  Talk about Uptown problems…

Richistan by Robert Frank

I’m reading the New York Times best-selling book”Richistan” by Robert Frank. It’s a fun, easy read with some pretty interesting information.


5 Reasons You Want to Join the Tiger 21 Club - Richistan by Robert Frank

For instance, an increasing percentage of the population is becoming a millionaire household and it’s projected to increase to 20 million in 2020!

It’s shifting away from old, inherited money to self-made millionaires  This has accompanied the incredible increase in the total wealth of the members of the Forbes 400, which has jumped 1,832% times since 1984, when the total net worth of the list was $125 billion, compared with $2.29 trillion today.

Broadening his gaze beyond financial matters, he also gives us a peek behind the curtain of the dining habits, spending patterns, philanthropy, fashion, and etiquette of The Richistanians.

It’s an entertaining book full of colorful and interesting stories about the 21st century’s new rich; stories about butlers, 500 ft yachts, and 50,000 sq. ft. homes.

About the Members of Richistan

For instance. In Richistan

A 100 foot yacht is nowhere big enough. There is an actual competition for who can build the biggest boat. With the current record being  a 180 meter yacht built for a member of the royal family of Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates.

The fastest-selling watches in Richistan are not Rolexes – they do not make it into the top 10.

5 Reasons You Want to Join the Tiger 21 Club - Richistan by Robert Frank 2

The number one sellers are watches made by a newcomer called Franck Muller who had realized that Rolex was way too cheap. A Muller watch sells for nearly $750,000.

5 Reasons You Want to Join the Tiger 21 Club - Richistan by Robert Frank 3

Tiger 21 Membership

Club 21 developed by Michael Sonnefeldt is a group of 200+ ultra wealthy collective intelligence with a collective net worth of 19 billion you have to be worth 10 million or more to be a member and the annual dues are $30,000

So Are You Joining to Join the Tiger 21 Club?

You may not be able to justify the dues, but there are many benefits to joining a wealth peer group like the Tiger 21 Club.

Here are a few:

Networking– You meet and become friends with like-minded people, make valuable connections and learn from each other.

Support– You are there for each other to listen and offer a shoulder as needed. They meet regularly to give each other advice on everything from investments to family life. IT’S A safe haven where embers talk about how much their spouse spends on shoes and how much they spent on their Mercedes ($100,000). For example in the book Sonnenfeld describes a problem he is struggling with to the group. He’s had a falling out with a good friend because he invested in a small company with him and they clashed over business strategy. Now the friendship is ruined. The group members are there for support and a few advise him to resign from the board.

Social Life– The life of an online entrepreneur can mean not as much face time on a day to day basis. This allows much-needed interaction with the benefit of connecting with a group that has shared interests

Happiness– No man is an island and belonging to a community of people helps us lead happier healthier lives.

Financial Advice Part interview and part support group they have a “portfolio defense session” where each member reveals details of his personal balance sheet. The group  then discusses each persons financial strengths and weaknesses.

Philanthropic opportunities They create their own foundations and give back millions. This is a great way to combine forces to help on a global level.

I hope that gives you a nice little peek into the Richistan community. It’s not perfect. They have problems like everyone else, but with a little support, it’s a lot easier.

It’s important surround yourself with successful people to achieve great success yourself. From your team to your mentor, to networking and mastermind groups, you are the company you keep.

Are you a member of a social club? Leave a comment below


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Article:  5 Reasons You Want to Join the Tiger 21 Club

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