Kalatu Review | The Kalatu Scam or is Kalatu Legit?

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Kalatu Review | The Kalatu Scam or is Kalatu Legit?” written by Mike Marko.

There has been a lot of hype building about the new Empower Network Kalatu blogging system about to be launched.  I am sure you have been getting emails from marketers about the new Kalatu blogging platform, or maybe someone you already knew told you about it.

And now you’re wondering… is Kalatu legit?  Or is it just some marketing scam…?

Or maybe it wont’ do well like the ENV2, or Blog Beast, that was launched a year ago.

The purpose of this blog post is to explore answers to this question, “Is Kalatu a Scam, or is Kalatu legit?

Kalatu Review Answering Is Kalatu Legit or is There a Kalatu Scam?

Kalatu Review | The Kalatu Scam or is Kalatu Legit

Empower Network launched their first blogging platform it was a WordPress blog with a couple themes and you couldn’t really customize it. Then in an attempt to solve that problem Empower Network launched the “Blog Beast” or ENV2, their own blogging system.  The problem was that it… well… it missed the mark a bit.  It took six months after the launch before they added enough functionality to be able to really customize it.

And it couldn’t rank in Google very easily…. and that is bad news for any blogging system.

Realizing they had made a mistake, Empower Network created the “Kalatu Blogging System”, or “ENV3” (Empower Network Version 3).  They went back to WordPress, but with a lot of the problems of the first two blogging platforms addressed.

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Instead of trying to creating blogging system from scratch, they got Chris Record, a 7 figure earner, to help create Kalatu Empower Network, the new blogging platform around the WordPress platform.  This time around they had to primary goals:

  • Have complete customization
  • Be newbie friendly
  • Be geared towards a much more broad marketplace like restate, network marketers, and any other businesses that require an online presence (which really includes anyone trying to get customers nowadays).

And if you have any experience with blogs, you’ll realize that this wasn’t going to be easy.

Kalatu-Review-Bonus-Scam-LegitWhat Makes the Kalatu Blogging System So Good?

Kalatu Blog

Unfortunately, the problem with a creating a brand new WordPress blog with your own domain is that it takes time and skills to set one up properly. Really… it can be a HUGE pain.  You need the right plugins, theme,  and right content strategy to start ranking in Google for target keywords.  Plus you have to contend with WordPress updates, server problems, and all the headaches you never want to think about.

PLUS: Google hates brand new websites.   It can take two or three months (minimum) to start ranking on Google if you know what you are doing.

Now with the Kalatu blog it’s a bit different. Empower Network is providing the powerful, already hosted, domain that will give you ranking power from the get go.  You don’t need months to build authority in the eyes of search engines.  As an experienced blogger I think that is really cool.

And the Kalatu blogging system has specialized plugins and widgets (basically little mini programs you add to a blogging system) that help you come up with great headlines, content, and call to actions that make people buy.

You don’t have to spend hours on your blog post… Kalatu will condense that time to about 10-20 minutes.  They did something that I didn’t believe possible: they actually delivered on the theme, “WordPress Made Easy.”  And that isn’t a small accomplishment.  You can see a demonstration of the Kalatu blog in our complete Kalatu blog review.


Kalatu Scam? – Or Is Kalatu Legit?

Although it things are still early to tell how well the Kalatu blog ranks in Google, things look very promising. Of course Bren and I will be doing our own testing and see if it truly can rank faster than our WordPress blogs.

The Kalatu Empower Network blog is very legit.  Empower Network has been very open about their past mistakes, and know what it will take to get things perfect.  Plus they are doing EXTENSIVE testing this time to make sure the product is defect free as possible at launch (although from my experience in software development nothing can be 100% perfect, but still this is very reassuring).

The Empower Network Kalatu blogging platform will be $25 per month which will includes hosting, and the custom WordPress blog with a ton of themes and designs to choose from.    

It is an amazing bargain when you consider all the benefits of the Kalatu blogging system.

What is the Next Step?

This blog post answered the question whether there’s a Kalatu scam, or is Kalatu legit: Kalatu is legit!  To learn more about Kalatu, I now recommend you check out this article, What is Kalatu.

If you are looking to promote the Empower Network Kalatu blogging system and make residual income, I recommend getting the IPAS 2 system because it will help you get buyer not only for the Kalatu blogging system, but also other Empower Network products.

Kalatu Review | The Kalatu Scam or is Kalatu Legit

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