What Is The Key to Success?

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“What Is The Key to Success?” written by Guest Contributor.

Do you think people are born with a success personality type or is it something we can all acquire?

The Key to SUCCESS

In chapter 8 of the classic book Psycho-Cybernectics by Maxwell Maltz, he says ANYONE can acquire the skills needed to have the key to success.  He uses the word success as an acrostic to give us tips for a success-type personality.psychocybernetics


S= Sense of Direction

We all need to have a purpose and goals in life to attain what’s important to us. Like the GPS on our phones, we can only be guided and maintain momentum when we are going toward a destination. Everything stops and shuts down when we have no destination to strive toward. This is why so many people who retire start to age. They no longer have projects and goals that keep the life force strong.

Do you have a goal worth working for or have you lost sight of what really motivates you? Do you love your life so much that you bound out of bed in the morning excited to take on the world? Are you looking forward instead of reminiscing about the past?

There is a reason the windshield is so much bigger than the rearview mirror. Looking forward is so much more important than focusing on the past.

Tip # 1 Get interested in a personal goal that makes you blissfully happy and even better have it be something that helps your fellow man.

U =Understanding

This is about communication. No one can react appropriately with miscommunication. We might falsely judge a person as being malicious or hard-headed. Be willing to see the truth in every situation and own up to our own mistakes.

Tip # 2: It doesn’t matter who’s right but whats right. Admit your mistakes and ask others how you can improve yourself. Try to see any situation from another person’s point of view.

C = Courage

This is courage to take action. This is about taking calculated risks. Have the courage to step out of our comfort zone and do something that scares you. If you wait until you are absolutely certain before you act you will never do anything!

Tip # 3: Be willing to make mistakes. Be willing to be embarrassed. Act with courage in the little things and you will develop the power to do the bigger things. If you want to be a public speaker starts with a small group. If you want to be an author publish a blog. Start small and you will have the courage with the big things.

C = Charity

Have interest and regard for others. You can’t feel bad about yourself when you feel good about others.

Tip # 4: See people as extensions of source energy. Consider their viewpoints. Treat others with respect and care. Consider giving a portion of what you earn to a worthy cause.

E = Esteem

Have a good opinion of yourself.

Tip # 5: Have esteem for others and your own esteem will go up

S = Self Confidence

Remember even small successes instead of dwelling on your mistakes. We all tend to judge ourselves harshly.

Tip # 5  Reach for the best feeling thought that you can.

The Optimist Creed says, “Promise yourself to talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet.” This includes you! In fact, it has to start with you. When you talk health, happiness and prosperity to yourself, you’ll be on the way to being healthy, happy and prosperous

S =Self Acceptance

Instead of trying to be somebody else’s version of you, relax and be yourself. You don’t have to be someone else. You were created uniquely you in Gods image. Come to terms with yourself just as you are with all of your mistakes, faults, and weaknesses and well as your assets and strengths. Your mistakes do not define you.

Tip # 7  Think about what you’re grateful for. Include things about yourself. If you failed at something, what about that failure are you grateful for? If you aren’t perfect, what about your imperfection can you be grateful for?

No one is perfect so don’t strive for perfection.  The key to success and a success type personality is to do your best and just strive to be the best version of you.

You are unique and one of a kind.


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Article: What Is The Key to Success?

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