Know When to Hire a Landlord Tenant Lawyer

Know When to Hire a Landlord Tenant Lawyer, Top Property Managem

When is a rental lawyer needed by property managers? 

Managing a rental property business is a tough task. Problems may arise anytime and sometimes it can’t be fixed by simple arrangements. 

Some problems that you might encounter will require a legal procedure. To deal with those problems, you need to hire a landlord tenant lawyer.   

A landlord tenant lawyer can prevent you from making more mistakes while resolving a problem. However, their services will cost you money. That’s why you need to know when you will actually need their help. 

In this blog post, we will talk about when to hire a landlord tenant lawyer. Using their services at the right time will help you solve problems easily in the rental property business.  

Getting Assistance from a Landlord Tenant Lawyer 

Managing a rental property business comes with a lot of risks. Fortunately, you can minimize these if you seek advice or assistance from a rental lawyer. 

A landlord tenant lawyer can help you with a lot of things. Their services can help you in different aspects of your rental business. 

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What Is a Landlord Tenant Lawyer? 

A landlord tenant lawyer specializes in rental issues. They’re the ones who know the legal requirements and laws regarding rental properties. 

The landlord tenant lawyer can give you advice regarding your decisions on your rental property. 

They can also help you review, assist or complete legal documents required for rental property management.

Services offered by a landlord tenant lawyer can help both tenants and landlords in solving a dispute in a tenancy. 

When Does a Property Manager Need a Lawyer 

Making a decision without consulting a landlord tenant lawyer is a risky move for property managers. 

Why? It’s simply because a rental property business is tough to manage. 

A single mistake can cause a chain reaction that will bring down your business. That’s why you need to consult your decisions and actions to a landlord tenant lawyer first before doing anything 

A property manager often hires a landlord tenant lawyer when writing, developing, and finalizing documents for rental management. 

It’s best to ask a landlord tenant lawyer to check all the documents for the rental property. This is needed to ensure that the documents meet all legal rental law requirements. 

But aside from preparing documents and getting advice, here are the other cases when a property needs a landlord tenant lawyer. 

When Evicting a Tenant 

A property manager needs a lawyer when evicting a tenant. The process of eviction should be done with a landlord tenant lawyer to avoid violating tenancy laws. 

More often than not, judges are in the favor of the tenants. That’s why having a lawyer gives the property manager better chances of winning when a tenant disputes the contract. 

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When Making a Rental Agreement 

Rental lawyers are normally experts in rental laws. They know and understand all the terms that should be in a rental contract. 

With that said, a property manager should consult a landlord tenant lawyer before finalizing a rental agreement.

Asking a landlord tenant lawyer to check the rental agreement will assure the property manager that the document complies with laws in their area. Rental laws may vary depending on the location of the rental property.

Consulting a landlord tenant lawyer will assure you that all rental laws are followed correctly. 

When Defending Your Reputation 

Negative publicity or violation of rental laws would do serious damage to the image of the rental property business. Fortunately, this can be easily avoided by hiring a landlord tenant lawyer

If a dispute arises during a tenancy, it’s best to get legal advice or representation from a lawyer. The lawyer will ensure that the legal rights of the property manager are upheld and enforced.

Consult a landlord tenant lawyer whenever you need to make public statements to avoid making a mistake that could worsen a situation. 

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When Buying or Selling Property 

Both buying and selling a property has complexity and it also comes with a risk. But if you hire a landlord tenant lawyer, they could help you avoid pitfalls of negotiating and closing deals. 

The landlord tenant lawyer will review and verify all documents used in buying or selling a property. 

They will make sure that the documents are legal and meet all legal requirements of the area where the sale is being processed. 

When Does a Tenant Need a Lawyer? 

Tenants need a tenant lawyer whenever they feel a property manager is violating their rights. A renter has the right to fight for their home and uphold anything agreed to in the rental contract.   

Any problems that threaten their tenancy are can be solved by hiring a tenant lawyer. Here are the common situations when a tenant needs a lawyer. 

When Fighting an Eviction 

Tenants can get help from a tenant lawyer whenever landlords try to evict them. The tenant lawyer will make sure that the eviction process is done correctly and according to the rental laws. 

The tenant’s chance of winning an eviction will increase with the help of a tenant lawyer. There are also some cases where the landlord tenant lawyer can turn the lawsuit against the landlord instead.   

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When Discrimination Occurs 

Rental laws prohibit any kind of discrimination against tenants. If this happens in a rental property, a tenant needs a tenant lawyer to protect their rights. 

Anyone has the right to rent a property regardless of their sexual orientation, religion, race, or age. However, these factors are also commonly the cause of discrimination. 

A tenant lawyer can help to determine if any discrimination has occurred. After assessing the situation, they will look for a way to fix the issue quickly. 

If the tenant wins the case for discrimination, they will be awarded compensation. There will also be penalties against the landlord. 

When Property Manager Duties Are Unfulfilled 

Any promises or terms of the contract that are not fulfilled by the property manager could be brought into court. 

The rental contract or lease agreement is a legally binding document. This is used by the rental courts to settle a dispute between the property manager and the tenant. 

A tenant could make a legal action if the property manager fails to fulfill the terms written in the rental agreement. 

Examples of a property manager’s duties specified in rental contracts are the following:


  • maintaining and repairing damages to the property,
  • keeping the neighborhood safe, and
  • proving a habitable living space.


Getting a Landlord Tenant Lawyer


It’s best to hire the best landlord tenant lawyer to ensure the success of your legal action. 

Try asking the experts in your industry to give you referrals for a good lawyer. You can also use state and local resources to find a rental lawyer. 

When choosing a landlord tenant lawyer, it’s better to choose someone with at least a few years of experience. 

A lawyer without enough experience might be unable to handle a specific situation. Their failure may lead to more problems for your rental property business. 

Keep in mind that experienced lawyers’ services can be costly. If it’s a risky move for you to hire a landlord tenant lawyer, then don’t do it. 

Sometimes, the best solution for you is to negotiate and settle a dispute without using legal representatives. 

Final Thoughts on the Landlord Tenant Lawyer  

In this blog post, we talked about when you need a landlord tenant lawyer. The landlord tenant lawyer provides legal assistance for both parties in a tenancy. 

There are different reasons why a property manager or tenant hire a lawyer. But usually, they’re hiring a lawyer when they’re having conflicts or misunderstandings with each other. 

The landlord tenant lawyer’s services will cost you money. That’s why for many, it’s still best to resolve disputes without a legal representative. 

But if the situation has already gotten out of hand and needs legal proceedings, that’s when you need help from a landlord tenant lawyer. 

If you have more questions about a landlord tenant lawyer, feel free to comment below.

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