What is the Largest Blogging for Profit Network


What is the Largest Blogging for Profit Network” written by Mike Marko.

Just three years ago from Halloween night 2014, the switch was turned on for the  blogging for profit network.

Many people doubted it.  They thought it would fail.

But despite several setbacks it persevered.

Now the doubters are take a second look at what David Wood created with the Empower Network.

Empower Network’s Mission with the Blogging for Profit Network

The mission of Empower Network has always been to become the largest blogging for profit network in the world.  That means that the goal has always been to get the members more traffic, leads, and sales than from any other blogging network ever built.

As coaches to help people build their own online business, Bren and I saw the HUGE potential that this blogging platform can provide to help others to start building, and grow, successful internet marketing businesses.

Top 100 Blogging Networks

Empower Network almost broke into the top 100 most trafficked websites in the world (as determined by Alexa.com).  It did break past the 200th most visited site in the world, and ranked in the top 160 in the United States.

That is pretty good for a 2-year old company.  Especially when you consider there are over a billion websites all over the internet.

Blogging for profit networkExciting News for the Blogging for Profit Network

Empower Network is constantly improving its products… and in the next few weeks the blogging network gets its turn again.  Empower Network will be renewing their overall company focus on blogging, and on the Viral Blogging System.

Realizing that they had some room for improvement when it came to having an optimized blog network, Empower Network went back to the drawing board. and redesigned the blogging system to be even more optimized for ranking in all the search engines.

This means that with the coming release of the new blogging for profit network, Empower Network will have even more success stories.  There will be more people paying off their bills, getting out of debt, and getting their finances in order.  This means more freedom for more and more people.  This is the best time to be a home based business entrepreneur on the internet!

Blogging for Profit Network 3.0 (or ENV3.0)

After three years, we are now at the dawn of the new era for Empower Network and it’s blogging for profit network.  Empower Network just announced that in a few weeks it will be releasing their Viral Blogging System 3.0, also known as ENV3.0.

With this new blogging system we are given the final piece of the puzzle.

The power of the new blogging for profit network is that it is even more optimized for both appearance and usage for the various users, while also being more optimized to be found by searches on Google.

And that is HUGE.

As I have mentioned before, Google has made the phone book obsolete.  If you can get ranked towards of the top page of Google you will get all the visitors, and the sales.

Empower Network is about to break it’s own records!  Using the secret weapon that has been quietly creating fortunes for people all of the world on the internet.

The buzz is already building.

And people are wondering how they can make money from being able to access this blogging for profit network.  Sure, many will stay on the sidelines for a while… but they will soon be kicking themselves for not taking action… I can guarantee that.

So What Can You Do to Get Ready?

Sign up with a winning team.  Join us, Bren and Mike, and we’ll show you how to both get positioned to take advantage of this huge product launch AND to use the new blogging system to optimize your website.

Combine this with the “franchise system” online business model, you will have a combination that will arm you with the tools you need to build your online business faster.

So use this trial to get your blog started with Empower Network…. that way when they convert old sites to the new format you’ll be already to start promoting the blog to potential customers.  Click the button below and get started today with the trial.

ENV3.0 - Empower Network ReviewENV 3.0 - Empower Network Review

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Article: What is the Largest Blogging for Profit Network

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