Level Up Your Marketing Through Using LinkedIn for Business

Why You Should Start Using LinkedIn for Business - LinkedIn, Business, Social Media

Are you considering using LinkedIn for business?

This idea is far from unusual.

In recent years, social media marketing has become popular. But, unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, LinkedIn has been arguably less popular among marketers.

So, do you need to use it?

Well, as you can see from the title of this post, I certainly do… and I wouldn’t suggest things that would lead your business to zero revenue.

I will explain to you today how to employ LinkedIn for business marketing. I will also guide you on how you can use LinkedIn to improve your digital marketing strategy.

Advantages of Using LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn has premium features that make it one of the best platforms for online marketing. This platform has over 562 million users. The users here can be your prospective clients.

Now I said earlier that aside from LinkedIn, other social media platforms are also used in digital marketing. These are Facebook with over 2.2 billion users and Instagram with over 1 billion users.

So why use LinkedIn for business when you can use those other platforms (which also have more users)?

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The Value of Using LinkedIn for Business

The thing is, using LinkedIn for business doesn’t mean using it exclusively. You should use LinkedIn together with other social media business accounts.

This is the best way to widen your online presence. The broader your presence is, the easier it is for your audience to find you.

Your online presence should also reach various places. This means you need to use other channels to reach consumers. In this way, more of them can recognize your brand.

LinkedIn is for business marketing. This sets it apart from other social media platforms in several ways.

Using LinkedIn for business lets you reach out to other business owners, professionals, and even brand representatives.

This helps business owners connect with their prospects, both for clientele and for partnerships.

This strategy helps to raise brand awareness. It also helps to generate leads, boost sales, and improve credibility.

LinkedIn is a business marketing tool that also allows you to hire qualified candidates. Using the career data uploaded to the network by its users, you can choose the best ones to work for your company.

That gives you a quick rundown of the basic benefits of LinkedIn. But before we go more in-depth on learning the benefits of using LinkedIn for business, let’s learn first how to use it.

Create an Account in LinkedIn

To create an account is the first step when using LinkedIn for business. A personal LinkedIn account is not the same as a LinkedIn Company Page.

Once you create a personal LinkedIn account, you can create a company page. That’s as simple as that.

Creating a LinkedIn account is like creating other social media accounts. But the details you will input here should be more about your career experience and skill sets.

After creating a LinkedIn company page, you need to add business information. This includes the business logo, cover photo, description, location details, summary, and more.

You can learn more about creating a LinkedIn company page. Read this article for advice on it: Create LinkedIn Page | Increase Your LinkedIn Engagements.

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LinkedIn Helps to Increase Online Reach

Using LinkedIn for business can help you extend your reach online. In this platform, you can engage the consumers and the business owners.

To improve brand visibility, you need to use keywords in your company page. This is not only helpful in LinkedIn, but also on the Internet.

When your page is visible on LinkedIn, people are more likely to trust your brand.

LinkedIn sets its reputation on proving business reliability. Business logos and descriptions add to your company’s legitimacy, so please don’t ignore them when completing your LinkedIn forms.

LinkedIn’s Special Features

Facebook has unique features that target specific users. It has marketing features essential when using LinkedIn for business.

These features rely on industry-specific variables to target the right audiences. LinkedIn directs your advertisements based on the following variables:


  • Company Name,
  • Company Size,
  • Industry,
  • Job title,
  • Job Function,
  • Skill,
  • Degree Type,
  • Seniority, and
  • Name.


These variables help you to set the audience you’re marketing to, so you can achieve desirable results.

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LinkedIn Offers Different Ad Types

LinkedIn also offers different types of advertisement to suit your marketing campaign. Using sidebar ads and sponsored posts like the ones it offers can help to increase your brand’s visibility.

Choosing the right ad types is crucial when using LinkedIn for business.

LinkedIn has this ad post type called “Sponsored Inmail”. This is a notable feature unique to this platform.

The “Sponsored Inmail” contains ads. The ads appear like a standard message in your audience’s inbox. Compared to common emails, Sponsored Inmails are more effective as they have better click-through rates.

The LinkedIn Inmail beats B2B emails because people are more responsive to an Inmail. This is because you can check the company page from there without a need for Googling it.

LinkedIn Has a Lead Acceleration Feature

Lead Acceleration is another feature you can get when using LinkedIn for business. This tool allows effective lead generation to increase website sales.

Lead acceleration helps you engage a wide range of users. It also shows clickable ads.

Final Thoughts on Using LinkedIn for Business

We have discussed the advantages of using LinkedIn for business. LinkedIn is a great place to market your business. On it, you can extend your presence online and reach both consumers and the business owners.

LinkedIn has premium features that make it one of the best platforms for online marketing. It is essential to know the marketing guidelines on using LinkedIn for business to make the most of it, however. This can give you financial success. To read more about the advanced tips of using LinkedIn for business marketing, click here.

For more inquiries with regards to using LinkedIn for business, feel free to comment.


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