How To Make Six Figures in Your Twenties

Have you heard of Dan Lok? Have you heard the story of this self-made millionaire and best-selling author?

If yes, have you ever ask someone or yourself ‘how to become successful in your twenties like him?’ or ‘how to become a six-figure earner before you hit 30?’

Is it really possible?

Don’t act surprised because it can happen. Dan Lok actually made it happen.

With the right skills and mindset, like Dan Lok, you too can reach for success even at a young age.

I bet you are asking this, “is Dan Lok a scam?” Don’t fret let me help you on answering that repetitive question about him.

I have made honest and objective reviews about him, his High Ticket Closer program and his YouTube channel. These will help you decide to trust his words and ways of becoming successful and rich.   

But today, I’m going to focus on the tips of making millions in your twenties. I will share with you the secrets through Dan Lok’s inspiring story.

The Secrets to be Successful

You probably heard or saw the name Dan Lok. He is one of the prominent entrepreneurs of this generation.

Dan Lok achieved his status through hard work and never-quit attitude.  Don’t you believe me?

This man established an effective system that will guarantee you high income or revenue, the High Ticket Closer program.

Still, in doubt? Well, let’s take a look at his story.

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Dan Lok’s Early Years

Dan Lok started his first business when he was in high school. But just like other starting entrepreneurs, he also experienced failures.

Believe it or not, Dan Lok failed at 13 different businesses. He endured many types of failures before he achieved his first success.

Success is usually the product of many failures because of the valuable lessons you learn. That’s why you’ll often hear of success stories on the heels of adversity.

Dan Lok ’s failures somewhat contributed to his success. But according to him, finding the right mentor is the major shifting factor.  

Find The Right Mentor Who Can Teach You a High-Income Skill

Dan Lok met his first mentor when he was 21 years old. Since then, his life has changed.

Dan Lok worked for his mentor for almost a year. He didn’t earn a competitive salary under his mentor’s guidance. He’s more like a volunteer during that time.

However,  Dan Lok earned a lot of things about business, marketing and copywriting during this period.

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Dan Lok’s High-Income Skills

Dan Lok learned how to write ads, sales letters, and marketing copy. Aside from that, his mentor also taught him the art of persuading people through writing or copywriting (also called as persuasion in print).  

Copywriting is an extraordinarily valuable skill. It can help you in convincing people to make a purchase. Also, writing can help you influence and change the mindset of a lot of people.

His mentor instilled to Dan Lok that copywriting can be a high-income skill that he could use as leverage in taking a bigger path towards success.

If you check Dan Lok‘s YouTube channel, then you’ll see that copywriting was his first high-income skill. Also, you can see on his YouTube channel that he’s a huge advocate for the importance of developing high-income skills while you’re young.

If you want to improve your copywriting skills, you might want to enroll in Dan Lok’s High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program.

The program will teach everything you need to know about how to make money at home through online marketing and home business.

To know more about this consider clicking this review about Dan Lok and his High Ticket Closer program.

The best part of this program is that Dan Lok will be your mentor. Isn’t a winning deal?

Dan Lok as a Mentor

He’ll teach you all the valuable high-income skills that can help you earn six figures.

After Dan Lok learned his first high-income skill, he opened up a one-man advertising agency. He offered consulting, online marketing, network marketing, affiliate marketing and incorporating – sort of like the TV show Mad Men.

Dan Lok‘s hard work paid off. He was already making about $10,000 per month in his early twenties using his high-income skill of copywriting.

So if you want to start making six figures in your twenties, learn a  high-income skill. Stop focusing on making money and start focusing on developing your skills.

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Start Focusing On Your Skills, Not on Making Money

Think of what you really want to do. Know what are your talents and skills that you can offer to the marketplace.

You need to get out and sell your skills because you cannot earn six-figure by taking an 8-hour job with minimum wage rate.

But if you use your talent and developed it into a high-income skill, it is possible for you to dictate your rate. And with that, you can set the pace on how long you will earn a six-figure income.
Once you become highly skilled at something, you can deliver value to businesses and charge a high amount of money.

Work With Successful Businesses Who Need Your Skills

You’ll end up earning more money if you’re working for successful businesses.
In addition to that, you can ask for higher pay if you can offer a skill that will help in improving business.
Today, people with marketing-related skills like social media content management, multimedia skills, copywriting, etc. are the ones who can charge a high-ticket price.
There are lots of businesses who are willing to pay high ticket prices for a person with digital marketing sales skills. They are willing to pay high rates because these people can bring an increase in their business income.

You’ll be more successful if you have skills in social media management.  Many companies are willing to pay over $10,000 per month if you have this skill.

But you can easily earn the six-figures by learning the importance of high-ticket prices and closing big transactions.

Learn The Importance of Transaction Size and High-Ticket Pricing

When Dan Lok was in his early twenties, he’s charging $1,000 per client. Then he eventually charged higher prices as he keeps on getting better.

Once you realize that you can charge $10,000 per project, you’ll realize that the quality of your clients is more important than quantity.

You see, it’s not just the type of skill you’re offering that matters. The transaction size means a lot too.

Charging based on your skills’ value works very well. However,  there’s one more way to earn six figures that I need to tell you about.

You may feel that you are not readily capable to build your own business empire. If that is the case, you can be a successful entrepreneurs’ right-hand while developing your high-income skills.  

You Can Be the Successful Entrepreneur’s Right-Hand

You can also earn a lot of money if you’re a right-hand person of a successful businessman.  

A right-hand person often has all the skills and ideas. However, they often choose to be involved in a  high-growth, triumphant business rather than start their own company.

If you’re the right-hand person of a successful businessman, you can demand some profit share. Doing this can help you quickly earn six figures.

Some members of Dan Lok‘s High Ticket team who’s in their twenties are earning six figures. That’s because they are already of Dan Lok‘s business partners.  

If you have the skills that can contribute to the growth of Dan Lok‘s business, you can start becoming in his team by joining his High Ticket Closer program. Check the details here.

Final Thoughts in Making Six Figures in Your Twenties

To earn six figures in your twenties, you must find the right mentor. Your mentor should have an idea of how they can help you improve the skills that can provide value to a lot of businesses.

Keep in mind that working at a job with a rate of $15 or $20 per hour won’t help you achieve six figures.

So instead of working for more hours, you need to develop a skill that can contribute to the growth of a business.  Many companies are willing to pay $10,000 to someone that can help them increase their profit.

If you don’t know how to improve your skills, consider enrolling to Dan Lok’s High-Ticket Closer program. In this program, Dan Lok will be your mentor and he will teach you all the skills to earn six figures in your twenties.

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