Marilyn Monroe And Her Last Interview | The Power Of Negative Thinking

Marilyn Monroe And Her Last Interview The Power Of Negative Thinking

“Marilyn Monroe And Her Last Interview | The Power Of Negative Thinking” written by Guest Contributor.

The Marilyn Monroe Last Interview

A month before movie star Marilyn Monroe died in August, 1962 Life Magazine published her last interview by associate editor Richard Meryman.

This video is some of the 8 hours of tapes recorded during the interview.

Marilyn Monroe on Her Fame

The subject of the interview was fame and she was obviously suffering from the effects of her celebrity status.

“Fame is like caviar. It’s good to have caviar, but you can’t have it every day.”

Throughout the interview, she seemed troubled and had a roller coaster of moods, intensity and a lot of sadness as she discussed how fame had affected her life.

“Fame is fickle. It has its compensation, but it also has its drawbacks.

It’s just partial happiness.”

Marilyn Monroe’s Unhappiness

She is admitting throughout the interview that with all of her fame and money she was not a happy person.

She had attempted suicide several times and had a history of mood swings and manic depression.

She had a troubled childhood. Her father dis-owned her and her mother was institutionalizes for a psychiatric disorder. She said she always felt like she was on the outside of the world growing up and then fame opened up a whole new world to her.

But I think even with her celebrity status and fame she kept some of the same destructive thought patterns that she learned form a very young age and it led to her demise.

The Power Of Negative Thinking

If she had known about the power of the law of attraction and how to chose the best feeling thought you can have in any given situation she might not have taken her own life in the end.

During the interview, it’s obvious she is like a broken record stuck in a groove. She felt she never had respect from the movie studios. She was angry and defensive about her treatment by them and it became her main focus. She was fired 3 weeks later from the movie “Something’s Got to Give.” due to her high absenteeism.

She didn’t trust the media. She said they wanted to take pieces from her. She felt like sometimes her life was nearly impossible because she felt she had no privacy.

With three failed marriages and a reputation for drug abuse and alcoholism and know as having erratic behaviors she was desperately seeking some kind of happiness in her life from outside circumstances.

Stuck in a Grove

As the interview went on the more anger and hurt came out.

Even though she was diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder she comes across as intelligent and articulate in the interview. She was taking acting classes at the time and genuinely wanted to be respected as an actor.

If she could have somehow gotten out of the groove of her destructive negative thoughts of herself as a victim she might have been able to turn the tide before it was too late.

The Power Of Negative Thinking And How to Overcome

How to get out of the groove of negative thinking using these three powerful Law of Attraction principals.

  1. The Power of Awareness. We can have 50,000 thoughts a day and as many as 98 percent of them are exactly the same as we had the day before.  Even more significant, 80 percent of our thoughts can be negative. Marilyn was not alone in her repetitious negative thought patterns. If we develop an awareness of our thoughts and how they can make us feel (emotion) we can start to consciously change the pattern by reaching for the best feeling thought every minute.
  2. The Power of Appreciation. There are several tools you can use to train your mind to focus on the best feeling thought in every situation. The Focus Wheel is one. It takes time and practice to change the neural grooves that form when we are in a negative pattern. You will need to practice this for a length of time and it will feel like work at first. Keep at it.
  3. The Power of Ho’oponopono. There are times when thoughts can be overwhelming and it’s difficult to control. During these times, I recommend a Hawaiian cleansing technique called Ho’oponopono. it’s 4 step simple process that can cleanse and reset your emotional and spiritual thermostat. It has been used with some success in psychiatric disorders.

Marilyn Monroe was gorgeous, intelligent and famous but in looking at her life, she was a woman who felt abandoned and unloved as a child, and she spent her entire life trying to “rescue” herself. If she’d had the proper tools to change the negative patterns of thinking that became so engrained in her from a young age she might have been able to find some of the happiness she was looking for.

God bless Marilyn. If her life would teach us anything, it certainly tells us the power of our thoughts and emotions.

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Article: Marilyn Monroe And Her Last Interview | The Power Of Negative Thinking

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