Using a Mind Movie as Your Motion Dream Board

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“Using a Mind Movie as Your Motion Dream Board” written by Guest Contributor.

In 1985 before Jim Carey became rich and famous, he would go up to Mulholland Drive overlooking Hollywood and visualize a better life. He wanted to become a famous actor and make a lot of money.

Using a Mind Movie as your Motion Dream Board

He even wrote a check for $10 million and put it in his wallet. He made it out for “acting service rendered” and gave himself 3 years to accomplish his goal. It was in that exact time frame that he was given a check for that amount for the movie “Dumb and Dumber.”

Three Keys to Jim Carey’s Success

There are three keys to the success of this inspiring story:


Jim Carey gave himself 3 years to make it happen. He said the check was getting all frayed and worn in those three years, but he understood the time element.

It takes time for the things you want to manifest.

and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

The gap of time is for our benefit. Can you imagine if everything you thought about or imagined suddenly materialized?

That would be a pretty scary world.

I don’t know about you, but I occasionally have some thoughts in my head that I don’t want to see happen, worries or fears that will crop up occasionally.

Until we can be more meticulous about our thoughts, the gap of time we have before something we intend to manifest appears into our reality is necessary.

If at some point in our evolution, when human beings are able to think only the thoughts that could benefit them, then maybe we will be able to instantly manifest things into our experience.

Until then, the gap of time and action steps are for our own protection.You need that time, energy and value that you put into a thing in order to reap the benefits.


If you can see it and believe it, it’s a lot easier to achieve it. Visualization is so important. Jim Carey regularly stood on the Hollywood Hills and looked out over the city and imagined what his life would be like. There is so much power in seeing your end goal first.

Mike and I do a 3-minute guided visualization every day.

Another great visualization tool we both use is something called a mind movie.

A mind movie is a “digital dream board”…a short, powerful movie that you design yourself. You can fill it with your own uplifting images and pictures and design your own, affirmations and music that is inspiring to you. You get to choose everything. You are the director and creator of your own digital vision board set to music. Just watch it for a few minutes a day to program your subconscious mind into overdrive.


Lastly, and most importantly, the key is to take action.

A big criticism of law of attraction is the concept “if you ask and believe you will receive.” There is not enough emphasis on the action part of the equation. The action is critical to your success.

Putting Your Dream Board or Mind Movie Into Action

I like to break it down into three different types of action steps I take on a daily basis.

1) My “good habit” actions.

These are the things I know I need to do every day to achieve my goals.

I blog or do a video daily.

I post on social media.

I work out and eat healthily.

These are a few of my daily tasks.

2) My inspired action.

I cultivate these actions steps by doing a 15-minute meditation daily to calm my minds and enhance my intuition. These kinds of action steps might be to make a phone call, ask someone a question, research a topic or take note of a blog topic. These types of actions vary from day to day.

3) My planned actions.

A planned action could be an event 2 weeks out or our bi-weekly hang out.

Each of these action steps overlaps each other. For instance, an intuitive action could lead us to plan a trip to do a mastermind and our daily habits set us up to have the ability to take intuitive action.

So Your Next Step

So visualize it and then let time go, while still moving in the direction of your goals and dreams. By taking action on a daily basis, like Jim Carry, you will be programming your future for success. And you will “like it a lot.”

Using a Mind Movie as your Motion Dream Board

What are some of your daily action steps that have lead to your success?


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Article:  Using a Mind Movie as Your Motion Dream Board

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