Increase Website Traffic Using a Mobile Friendly Webpage

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“Increase Website Traffic Using a Mobile Friendly Webpage” written by Guest Contributor.

There are more than 3 billion mobile phones being used in the world today, and there will be 150 million websites on the internet by 2017 and with 31% of mobile Internet users mostly going online using cell phones (Pew 2012).

(On our own website Google Analytics support this date by showing 34% of the traffic to is from mobile devices, equally split between the iPhone and the Android)

It’s clear that we are soon approaching the time when many people’s only Internet experience will be through some type of mobile device.  With this in mind, businesses need to adapt or commit business suicide.

The Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Webpage

People can get information and services on the go through their cell phones. The website that has not been designed to be easily accessible and easy to navigate on a mobile device may miss this opportunity to attract customers.

If the visitor doesn’t like what they see in the first few seconds of arriving at a webpage, they will bounce… quickly leaving in search of a different webpage to visit.

This means making your site easy and fast to load with a small page size and not a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles.  You also need something that looks visually appealing on that small display screen.

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Mobile Friend Webpage Tips

The following are things to consider when developing a mobile friendly webpage.

  • Be aware of the SiZE of text.  Make sure the page can be easily read.
  • Buttons that are large enough to be clickable.  Make them fat finger friendly.
  • Width of columns to avoid a lot of scrolling, pinching and pulling. People will just get tired of it.
  • The webpage should look visually appealing when it’s first loaded… first impressions are everything.

If That Wasn’t Enough, More Reasons to Have a Mobile Friendly Webpage

  • Smart phones have become affordable over the past few years. Almost everyone has one.
  • The biggest draw on the internet today are social networking websites. Many people access these websites through their mobile devices. If they come across a link to your site, they would want to view it on their phones.
  • In the future more people will be accessing the internet via a phone than a personal computer.
  • People like to browse on their phone. Since the sales of smart phones is increasing, it only makes sense for companies to have a site that can be easily browsed through on these devices.
  • According to studies, about 40% of the people who have a mobile phone use it for going online, and half of them will go online at least once every day.
  • Having a mobile friendly website also helps in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as it helps improve rankings on mobile friendly search engines such as Google or Yahoo.
  • It reduces bounce rate.  If a third or more of your visitors are using mobile devices to load your webpage and you give a poor first impression, they will be gone in seconds.

Look at this comparison between our website and another site:

mobile friendly website verticle

mobile friendly website horizontal

The lead capture banners and forms are seen without having to scroll down on our webpage.  Also the banner is eye catching (if I do say so myself) and grabs your attention right away… inviting the visitor to click it.

Wrap Up

There are now mobile-friendly themes for WordPress. The visitor experience on mobile devices is something to think about when you’re looking to start or redesign your website.

The key is to make sure you take the time to check the above tips related to your website and mobile devices and make sure you have a mobile friendly webpage. The success of your business now and in the future depends on it.

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Article:  Increase Website Traffic Using a Mobile Friendly Webpage

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