Monkey See Monkey DO – The Key to Prosperity

Monkey See Monkey DO – The Key to Prosperity

In a documentary about the movie,  “Planet of the Apes” actor Roddy McDowell describes the extensive process of make-up and costumes that the actors endured to be transformed into their ape-like characters.

Apparently, the producers of the movie vowed from the beginning that no masks would ever be used in order to preserve a realistic quality to the film. This meant it took up to 80 make-up artists, hair stylists, and wardrobe people several hour to apply the make-up, hair and latex appliances every day.

Monkey See Monkey DO - The Key to ProsperityThey eventually incorporated an assembly line process which kept it down to just 6-8 hours for all the actors and extras.

McDowell noticed something interesting…

As the actors were waiting in line to go from chair to chair to be made into their characters, they hung out together based on ethnicity. The black actors hung out together. The asian actors hung out with the asian actors. The white actors clustered together, and the latino actors congregated with latino actors.

What McDowell found interesting is that after the make-up process when they were transformed into their ape-like characters, the actors self-segregated again, but this time not by race, but by “species.” The gorilla’s hung out with the gorilla’s the chimps with the chimps, and the orangutans with the orangutans. Even best friends dressed as different “species” didn’t interact with each other once they were made up into their characters.


We are drawn to people we perceive to be like us.

Monkey See Monkey DO - The Key to ProsperityOne of the reasons it’s so difficult to  make changes in our lives is because we tend to be more comfortable with people we perceive to be like us. It keeps us in the same routines and patterns.

If you want a career, relationship or life style change, one of the first steps is to align yourself with the mindset and physical appearance of your goal  This will attract people into your life who are a match to your new goals and life style. We tend to become what we surround ourselves with.

Steps Towards Prosperity

If you want to have more success, prosperity and loving relationships in your life (and who doesn’t) you must change the internal first (mindset) then act as if, by dressing the part and surrounding yourself with people you want to emulate.

Here are 5 tips to speed up the process:

1. Surround yourself with like-minded people by attending seminars

At a seminar you learn new things and meet new people. Many of these people are  in the career or market of your dreams. Meeting them — actually looking them in the eye, shaking their hand and making a personal connection — is one of the surest ways to determine how to get to your dream.

2. Talk about your dreams with a mastermind group

Share your dreams with a mastermind group who will hold you accountable. Knowing that there are other people thinking about your goals and counting on you to succeed is often a tremendously motivating factor.

3. Dress the part first

You can still be yourself and and incorporate your style into dressing for the part. The ultimate goal is to be creative and be yourself while also maintaining a level of respect and believability.

4. Take action

Take inspired action steps as they present themselves when you go through your mindset and physical change

5. Find a mentor

The best and most powerful way to realize your dreams is to interact consistently with someone who lives them. Mentors are so critical to being an entrepreneur. They are the people in the best position to tell you what actually works when it comes to planning your rise toward your prosperity goal.

Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher- Oprah Winfrey

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Article:  Monkey See Monkey DO – The Key to Prosperity


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