Do Most People Failing Mean There’s Network Marketing Scams? (Time for a Reality Check)

Do Most People Failing Mean There’s Network Marketing Scams

“Do Most People Failing Mean There’s Network Marketing Scams?  (Time for a Reality Check)” written by Mike Marko.

Have you heard  “80% of people fail at network marketing”?

Or maybe you’ve heard “network marketing is a scam”?

Maybe that’s why you’re not interested in network marketing yourself.

So is it true that people fail?


But the reason isn’t what you might think.

Today I’m going to talk to you about some of the “network marketing scams” that you might have heard about and shed some light on this topic.

First off…

Network marketing is a scamWhat is a Scam?

Let’s start by going to the definition in


  1. A stratagem for gain; a swindle
  2. (tr) to swindle (someone) by means of a trick

So Besides The Dictionary Definition, What Is a Scam?

Basically, the answer to the question what is a scam is, in my opinion, where someone deliberately tricks you into buying something.  You’re expecting something in return for your payment, and the item you receive is false. For example, a scam would’ve been when the snake oil salesmen of the old Wild West traveled from town to town scamming people into buying their miracle potions.  These potions never worked. Then the salesmen would then run from the town before people wised up to the ruse.

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Then What Are Network Marketing Scams?

Using the above definition of a scam, a network marketing scam then is where you’re tricked into buying something and getting nothing in return. For instance, you buy a membership and you never received the products, links, training, etc. as promised.

On the other hand, when you receive goods or services for your payment, as promised, then this is not a scam.

Now, if someone *promises* you guaranteed income and doesn’t deliver, that is not only a scam but against the law. That’s why when you see income of any kind discussed you should see a disclaimer about results not being typical, etc.  They can’t promise you a certain income because they don’t know you, your work ethic, how well you follow instructions, etc. Your results are based on your efforts, as in any business.

At this point, you might be asking, “But if results are not typical, and most people fail, why should I stand a chance?”

Network Marketing Scams

Does Most People Failing Mean I Will Fail Too?

The answer to this question really depends on you. No, I’m not trying to avoid the question, but it really does depends on you.

Let me step back and remind you of what I mentioned right at the very beginning, “80% of people fail at network marketing.”

That’s a sad truth, but it doesn’t only apply to network marketing.

What Percentage of People Fail…

So I scoured the internet because I wanted to give you solid facts instead of making up numbers. And I found some interesting statistics, like roughly only half of people who start to read a book finish it (

And books are not a commitment like starting your own business.

Then I found the statistic that 88% of people fail New Year’s resolutions (buffersocial).

This is really important to note, and worth repeating.

Of everyone starting a New Year’s resolution, 88% of people fail.

That doesn’t sound very encouraging, does it?

Why People Fail

This article goes on talk about why people fail. It talks about how it takes an ENORMOUS amount of willpower to succeed at a New Year’s resolution. Your brain simply can’t handle it.

You are setup to fail.

The odds are stacked against you.

You can’t just will yourself into changing. Or making something happen.

So How Can You Succeed?

Don’t worry, there is hope. You can succeed and beat the odds, but it requires a different approach.

It’s all about setting habits instead of resolutions.

“What a mistake – the whole idea around New Year’s resolutions. People aren’t picking specific behaviors, they’re picking abstractions” – B.J. Fogg from Stanford University.

You have to focus on what new habit you need to form instead of the habit you want to change.

For example, the buffersocial article gives the following examples:

  • Resolution: Quit smoking vs. Habit: Stop smoking that 1 cigarette you have every morning after breakfast.
  • Resolution: Eat healthy food vs. Habit: Start substituting that 1 daily morning pastry for a banana.
  • Resolution: Lose weight vs. Habit: Every morning after work, go for 2-3 minute run or walk around the block.
  • Resolution: Manage stress vs. Habit: Meditate for 2-3 minutes every morning after you wake up.

It was shown that by taking the habit approach, your chance of success goes up by 50%. Now that’s the power of taking control of your destiny.

If Habits Only Get You Half Way to Success, What Else Is Needed?

World renown American life coach and self-help author, Tony Robbins, talks a lot about how important it is to know your purpose in order to achieve success.

The article, What Is Your Purpose? – The Secret to Meeting Your Goals & Objectives, talks about how important it is to be clear on why you want your desired outcome.

“Your purpose is the compelling reasons why you want to do something—reasons that will give you the necessary drive to follow through on your plan.”

There are many ways to achieve your goals. If you know WHY you are going after it, when any of your attempts fail you will have the necessary drive to follow through.

Your “WHY” becomes your lighthouse. No matter how rough the storm is, or how much fog there is, the lighthouse will guide you to your destination.

Alex Zubarev, an extremely successful online marketer, talks about the importance of knowing your why in the following video.

Do Most People Failing Mean There’s Network Marketing Scams

Ok, But What About Most People Failing At Network Marketing? Network Marketing is a Scam, Right?

The same thing that can help you succeed at a New Year’s resolution will also help you succeed with your online business. You see, some people think network marketing is a scam because they tried it and didn’t succeed. But what really happened is that they gave up too soon because  they didn’t have the willpower required to keep up with it.

Instead of relying on willpower, you need to develop daily habits. And you need to know “your why” when you’re building your online business.

As the video discussed, by knowing your why and following daily habits like the Eight Core Commitments, you have the ability to beat the odds. The Eight Core Commitments are in the Fast Start Training of the Empower Network training.

You will have the tools to overcome brain overload when trying to use just willpower.

You will have the tools to give you the motivation to get through the inevitable obstacles.

The Last Word on Network Marketing Scams: Take Charge of Your Future

Don’t become part of the 80% failure statistic.

You are now armed with what it takes to be successful.

By developing habits and knowing your why, you increase your likelihood of being successful with your online business.

The deliberate steps you take each day will inevitably lead you to your destination.

So next time someone tells you, “Network marketing is a scam,” you can reference this blog post. It will help answer the question “what is a scam and will also give guidance on how to be successful not only in business, but anything else they want to achieve.


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