How to Join An Online Business Opportunity Like the IPAS2 System

How to Join An Online Business Opportunity Like the IPAS2 System

How to Join An Online Business Opportunity Like the IPAS2 System” written by Mike Marko.

So you decided you want to go with an online business opportunity.  There are lots of reasons to start an online business, such as:

  • Extra income for vacations
  • Extra income for the holidays
  • Income to replace the second job
  • An opportunity to be your own boss
  • The ability to work reduced work hours
  • Not having to answer to anyone

And the list goes on… I am sure you have your own reasons you can add to the list.

Let’s Get Started Doing Our Homework…

But where do you start looking?  And how?

Pick the Right Business Opportunity

Previously we talked about how to pick an online business opportunity in the blog post, How to Pick Among the Top Network Marketing Companies.  In it we talked about what to look for in order to pick the right company.  Bren and I recommend IPAS2 because after doing a lot of research, it is has a lot of advantages over the competition.
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Pick the Right IPAS 2 Sponsor/Mentor

This is where a lot of people rush it… and it is unfortunate.  They often end up regretting it as they cannot reach their mentor even to introduce themselves… and instead see their mentor show casing their new car.

Now don’t get me wrong.

  • A sponsor/mentor should not be your tech support.
  • A sponsor/mentor should not teach you how to use a computer.
  • A sponsor/mentor should not teach you how to do basic computer stuff.
  • A sponsor/mentor is not there to listen to you complain.
  • A sponsor/mentor is not your motivation coach.

But a sponsor should be there to give basic guidance, and only when you have proven yourself that you can perform should be they start to teach you the more advance stuff.

And your sponsor should have a means for you to reach out to them and mentor you to help keep you roughly on course.  (Remember: it is easier to guide someone who is already moving that someone who is not doing anything…. Much like it is easier to steer a moving car to get to where you want to go vs a car that isn’t moving.)

Take the time to get to know who you are signing up under.  There is no need to rush this… spend at least a couple hours looking at several sponsors that are promoting the opportunity you are looking for.

Make a list of at least three or four you would like to consider.  Now let’s start doing a bit of background work on them.


What does their website look like?  Is it positive?  Does it have a lot of content? A website with lots of informative content will typically indicate that the person is helpful, has knowledge, and is in it for the long haul.

How many blog posts do they have?  That will give you an idea of how serious they are, and to some degree how much experience they have.

The About Us Page

A lot of websites will have an “About Us” page.  If it doesn’t, then they may be hiding something.  You need to be able to connect with your mentor… if reading through the about page and looking at the pictures you can’t see yourself wanting to join them then it’s time to cross them off your list.

Facebook Page

A Facebook page will tell you a lot about your possible sponsor/mentor.  Is there a lot of possible or fun content?  Or are they complaining often, or showing picture them drunk again.  Then ask yourself, “Who would you want to invest your time and business with?”

Try sending them a Facebook chat message… now the message could go to the “other” folder and they may not reply for a while… but it is still useful to see how quickly they may replay.

Picked a Mentor for Your IPAS2 Business

You’ve picked the business opportunity, IPAS2, and you’ve picked your mentor, so now’s time to join.

Don’t agonize over the decision… you did the homework and found out your direction.  It’s time to pull the trigger.

If you want to work with Bren and myself with IPAS2, I recommend you first check out this IPAS2 Review before finally joining.

Talk to you soon!


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Article: How to Join An Online Business Opportunity Like the IPAS2 System

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