Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

“Abundance Mindset: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs” written by Guest Contributor.

We live in an abundant world and It’s natural for abundance to flow easily into your experience.

Limiting Beliefs in the Area of Money

If you feel like you might have some limiting beliefs in the area of money, the “wallet process” by Abraham-Hicks will help.

You simply keep $100.00 in your wallet and look for opportunities throughout the day to use the $100.00 over and over again.

  • Ask yourself are you holding onto the $100?
  • Are you thinking of all the ways you could spend it?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • Do you feel pleased it is there?
  • Does it make you feel more secure about money?

Acknowledge Your Power to Remove Power from Limiting Beliefs

Each time you acknowledge that you have the power, right there in your wallet, to purchase this, or to do that, you add to your sense of financial well-being.  Each time you acknowledge that you can buy something you are mentally spending that $100 over and over again to the equivalent of spending thousands per day!

Yes… if I really wanted to I do have the money, right here, right now, to make this purchase.

And as you play the game you are lowering your resistance to a flow of abundance. And when the resistance is gone… your financial abundance must begin to improve.

Watch this video below as I tell you about another process that will help with limiting beliefs related to money.

VIDEO: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

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Article:  Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

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