Overcoming Paralysis by Analysis

“Overcoming Paralysis by Analysis” written by Guest Contributor.

If you have a dream of starting your own business, but are waiting for the perfect timing, it might be because you think you need more information, money or training. You’re probably ready now.

What you need is more courage.

Many people in the online marketing business become webinar-aholics.  Listening to one Google hangout and webinar after another where the leaders and top earners give information, tips and motivation.

There is a lot to be learned from these sessions.But if that’s all you’re doing is listening to the videos and hangouts and not putting the tips and training into action, then you might be suffering from paralysis by analysis.

Overcoming Paralysis by Analysis

People often think that the more information they can get, the better they will be at something. I’ve found that this is only sometimes true.

Many times you already HAVE the information, but you lack the courage to take the action step.

You think if you listen to one more video or attend one more webinar you will have the information you need to succeed.

Success only comes when you take the action. Real learning is achieved by doing daily action steps over and over again.

Get Started Now

Whatever your dream is — get started now.  Don’t wait for the perfect moment or perfect information. The perfect moment will never come.

Don’t wait for more experience before taking the next step. If you wait until you feel comfortable, then it’s already too late.

Imagine if Steve Jobs said to himself, “I don’t have enough information to build a company like Apple. I’m a college drop out ! Let me wait a few years. And get more information from other people. I should get some experience at Microsoft first. Maybe then I’ll have the skills to go out on my own.”

You Get Experience by Getting Started

“Nothing happens without desire and passion.  Otherwise, nothing else falls in place.” – Malcolm Gladwell

Anything is possible. But you must believe in yourself before others can believe in you.

Don’t sit on the sidelines watching others success.

You must be willing to take action, to make mistakes, to learn from them and then to move on, wiser and stronger.

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” – Michael Jordan

Failure Is a Step Toward Success

In the book, Great Failures of the Extremely Successful, there are stories of 60 people who have achieved success only after failure.

You cannot have success without failure. The two are inextricably linked.

So if you’re been hesitating to act because you are not sure of yourself and think you might make a mistake, I will bless you with holy water now and christen you to go out there and succeed.  You will hit roadblocks and setbacks but they will provide you with the information you need to grow, change and make a move in the right direction.

So take action with courage and know that you are headed in the direction of success.


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Article:  Overcoming Paralysis by Analysis

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