Paying it Forward To Grow Your Business

Growing Your Business

“Paying it Forward To Grow Your Business” written by Guest Contributor.

You’ve probably heard the term paying it forward, but how exactly does it work?

What Paying It Forward Means

To me, it means doing an act of kindness with no thoughts of what you will get in return. It describes the benefits of doing a good deed and getting re-payed by others instead of by the original person.

The concept is old, but the phrase may have been coined by Lily Hardy Hammond in her 1916 book In the Garden of Delight.

Your Paying It Forward Muscle

Developing my “Pay it forward” muscle has been one of the many benefits of our online marketing business. I see evidence of this everywhere. People within our company that are continually providing value with no thoughts of getting a sale or any monetary compensation.

In network marketing, there is a business philosophy that says lead with value. Give away information and training so that you build up a following of people who like and trust you.

What I’ve found through this process is that when I stop thinking about how it’s going to benefit me and my business and start thinking from the standpoint of serving others, Over time, I’ve just naturally reaped the benefits.

Benefits of Paying It Forward

This has helped me become a better person. When you learn the skill of trusting that what you do provides value and there is no direct compensation for it, it becomes a step out in faith in an abundant universe.

My philosophy in life is that things do come around full-circle. I received an letter the other day from the daughter of someone who had been liking and commenting on my FB fan page posts regularly. She went above and beyond to read our content and watch our videos,

Her daughter must have learned this giving trait from her parents.

The letter was about her daughter Kayla who is biking over 4000 miles this summer to raise awareness for cancer research.

I will be more than happy to donate to this cause. Not just because it’s a worthy cause but because I would like to repay in some small way what this girls mom has given me by being such a loyal follower of our blogs and videos.

Benefits Of Paying It Forward to Your Online Business

Here are a few ways you can pay it forward in your online business:

  1. Like, comment and share other peoples posts. It’s not always easy, (especially if you’re struggling yourself) to edify or congratulate another person who is doing really well or posts an awesome piece of content, but it’s the best way to open the flow of all these good things coming to you.
  2. Get to events and be the first one to approach people to say hello. We are network marketers so it’s about networking. Events and masterminds are the perfect places to connect with your peers.
  3. Help someone on someone else’s team. It really is all about creation instead of competition. Get on their team hangout or edify them in a post.
  4. Post inspirational content for others to be uplifted
  5. Share your story. There are thousands of people that can benefit from your story. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Being shy about who you are and where you’ve come from might be denying someone the ability to have a better life.

Start Paying It Forward Today

Paying it forward causes a ripple effect of good deeds. One good deed leads to another and you might never know just how many people have been effected.

What good deed are you going to do today?


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Article:  Paying it Forward To Grow Your Business

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