Deciding What to Post on Twitter Business

Strategizing What to Post on Twitter Business

Knowing what to post on social media platforms could be challenging.  

This couldn’t be more true on Twitter because of its character count.  

If you’re having a hard time trying to figure out what to post on Twitter Business, then you’re on the right page! 

There are times when no matter how good we are when it comes to marketing our businesses, we still run out of things to post or to say. 

Don’t worry, we all go through that. However, you can’t just put your marketing campaign on hold just because you ran out of clever things to post. 

See, using Twitter as a medium for marketing your business is important in this day and age. 

This is because in 2017, there were 330 million Twitter users that have been recorded. 

Being able to reach out to even a small percentage of that number will be able to help you grow your business in a very huge scale. 

I can give you some tips for you to plan what to post on Twitter business. However, in this article, we will be talking about deciding what to post on Twitter business.

What to Post on Twitter Business 

Being able to market your business on Twitter doesn’t have to be tiresome and stressful. 

One thing that you need to do is to re-strategize. 

Also, you can hire a good social-media team to help you re-strategize or come up with a plan on what to post on Twitter business. 

It’s always best to have other people working with you to help brainstorm what to post on Twitter business. 

Before you post, let’s start with building your Twitter account. 

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Build a Twitter Profile that will Capture Your Audience’ Interest 

Granted that this is the first time you’re building your business profile on Twitter, then we should break the details down.

 Make sure that your account indicates that you’re there for your business. 

Make your profile clearly present what your business is all about along with the products and services that you offer.  

By doing this, you establish what niche you’re in on the platform. 

The next step would be to make sure that the profile is highly visible to your target audience on the platform. 

You can do this by tweeting and reposting as regularly as you can. Make sure that you’re active on the platform and you can guarantee your account’s visibility. 

Making a Profile Theme 

Next thing in line when deciding what to post on Twitter business is for you to make sure that your profile is presentable. Design it with a nice-looking theme and color. 

You need to make sure that it is not too flashy. Remember, your profile should still look and feel professional.  

See, there are already a lot of themes that you may choose from on the Twitter settings. 

You can also customize it through HTML. Just make sure that you make it more personal that will clearly represent your brand.  

Next is to come up with a compelling bio. Make sure all the necessary business details are there.  

Add the links of your other social media profiles. 

This way, you will not only be able to promote your other profiles but you will also be able to give your audience means to reach you in other platforms. 

Make Use of Enticing Images on Twitter

Another thing that you can do when deciding what to post on Twitter business is to make use of interesting images on Twitter. 

See, people on Twitter and in other social media platforms like GIFs and memes.

Next, the GIF is a format with two or more static images appear in one short video-like image. 

This is also used to induce humor since it will show people some impressions and emotions that they may find funny and interesting. 

These two formats are very popular on Twitter. Thus, it’s very important that you make use of them when deciding what to post on Twitter business.

Also, make sure that those images that you are using are not protected by copyright. It’s better for you to use images that you yourself made from scratch.

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Reply and Quote Tweets


When deciding what to post on Twitter business, you should also consider that you have to interact with your followers. 

You can do this by replying and quoting tweets. These are very important to a business since this is mostly what promotes your brand and will help with engagements. 

This is because people will feel personally connected to you. In turn, this can build relationships that will later on lead to sales.  

However, you still have to keep in mind that Twitter has limited character count so you need to make your replies more concise and on point. 

Another thing you have to remember is that you need to keep track of your replies. Never disregard a message or a comment since this might lead to misunderstanding.

People might think that you don’t care about what they have to say.  

If you think that they are eager to discuss something with you, then send them a direct message right away and cater to their needs.  

Retweeting other posts is a good way to still have something to post on a day when you don’t really have anything else to post anymore. 

You can make use of news, posts, and articles that are related to your niche. You may state your opinions about them or set a poll about what others think. 

This way, you will be noticed and people will know that you’re active on the platform.  

Making Use of Discounts and Promotions

Another idea that I can give you for you to easily figure out what to post on Twitter business is for you to post your running promotions and discounts. 

Of course, you’ll have to create enticing and highly aesthetic visuals like fliers or images for your promotions and discounts. 

This will make it easier for you to catch your audience’s attention. This will also gain more leads and more customers for your services. 

Also, you can make use of Twitter-exclusive promotions for you to have all the attention driven to your account alone. 

Ask Questions and Create Polls


Another idea that I can share with you when deciding what to post on Twitter business is for you to make use of polls and asking questions on your page. 

You can do this by presenting a problem or a question for your followers to answer. 

For example, ask them what you should produce next or which product design they would want to see next.  

Simple questions and polls like these will help you get more engagements for your site and will help you have more followers. 

Also, ask for recommendations from your followers more so that they will know that their opinion matters to you. 

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Competitions and Prizes 

Another thing that you can choose when deciding what to post on Twitter business is to hold mini Twitter competitions. 

Initiating contests will enable you to gain more followers and viewers. 

First, you need to remember to have good mechanics for your competition for it to work. Make them retweet a photo you posted or follow certain pages if you have multiple ones. 

Make sure that the instructions are clear and that you also have prizes that make joining worth it.  

Visiting Other Twitter Business Pages 

Next up is visiting other Twitter business pages by searching for links and recommending them to other business profiles. 

This way, you’ll be able to benchmark other company’s strategies and ways to succeed. 

Also, you can share with them the strategies that you have done so far to succeed. 

Then, you will be able to share with them how you succeeded and you will build stronger relationships. 

Additionally, you will be able to give out the impression that you are open-minded. 

Then, you can retweet other people’s tweets so that you can earn more likes and increased sales. 

Using Hashtags 

Lastly, if you are going to decide what to post on Twitter business, then you will also have to know a lot more about hashtags.

In fact, hashtags were popularized by Twitter itself and not by other social media platforms. 

You just have to come up with a unique and creative hashtag that might represent your company brand, a project, or a promo. 

This method is used for you to follow the existing campaign that you have easily. 

Also, use the most compelling titles as hashtags. 

You may go ahead and check out this article, How to Use Hashtags on Twitter for Business, to learn more about using hashtags. 

Final Thoughts on Deciding What to Post on Twitter Business 

So, that’s it for today’s discussions on deciding what to post on Twitter business. 

In this platform, you’ll  have to gain more followers and get noticed and that is what you actually have to do. 

You have to be consistent on the things that you are going to post on the site like your tweets, retweets, promotions, competitions, and finally, interactions.

 It is very important that you have a firm grasp of your identity on Twitter and that you have an open-minded approach when it comes to competition. 

This way, you will be able to learn more and share more with them, therefore establishing your brand. 

If you have more questions pertaining to deciding what to post on Twitter business, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments below.

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