The Power of The Spoken Word: Speak Your World Into Existence

the power of the spoken word

“The Power of The Spoken Word: Speak your World Into existence” written by Guest Contributor.

I was relaxing in the sauna at my gym yesterday when I couldn’t help overhearing a conversation a couple of women were having just outside the door. It was a pretty normal conversation about plans for the weekend, etc.

What got my attention and made the conversation memorable for me was in the course of a 10-minute conversation, I heard a total of three dis-empowering statements related to money. In the past, I wouldn’t have noticed, but I’ve become more aware of these kinds of statement because I now understand the power of the spoken word.

The Power of the Spoken Word

A few years ago I might not even have noticed these statements, but since I’ve become more aware of my own spoken (or misspoken) words, it’s obvious when others are creating their lives by default by what they are voicing out loud.

Dis-empowering Words

The first thing that was said by one of the women was “I can’t afford it.”

And then a few minutes later one of them said, “That’s too expensive for me. “They were talking about a country club gym membership and how high the fees were.

How many times have you heard or said these kinds of phrases without realizing you are pre-framing your future.

Your words have the power to create and you are (without realizing it) voicing what you want more of in your life.

The word is what brought the universe into being and your words have the power to create your world.

They have the power to either create or destroy. That Is the power we have as co-creators with the universe.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of an awareness of this and making subtle changes that can be the turning point in our personal and business lives.

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How to Use the Power of the Spoken Word to Empower

The first step is an increased awareness and then here are a few practical  ways you can harness the power of your spoken word :

I am statements

The words I am, which you consistently use to define who you are and what you are capable of, are holy expressions for the name of God—the highest aspect of yourself. -Wayne Dyer

Eliminate words like I am not___ or I am hoping to be___

These are disempowering.

Simply change them to general statements like.

I am health

I am peace

I am Love

I am prosperity

Ask a question instead of making a statement. This is called an afformation. Like affirmation with an “o.” Noah St John of Power Habits discovered the power of affirmations while interviewing  8 and 9 figure earners. He realized we use affirmations we can have resistance because subconsciously we don’t really believe it to be true.

What If There is Resistance?

Sometimes we feel like we can’t afford something and no matter how much we say “I am prosperity” we know our bank account isn’t going to support that brand new Porsche 911. A way to trick your subconscious mind into believing it’s possible is to ask a question in the form of an affirmation.

Instead of I can’t afford this try “How can I afford this?” it feels so much lighter and it is putting it out there for the universe to start working on.

Instead of that’s too expensive. Try “Why do I have so much?

Your brain will start to search for the answer. Your mind will automatically find ways to affirm your statement. It will literally do a search of all the things you do have. And you will start taking more positive, confident actions.

Say a powerful statement out loud twice daily. Author or the classic good “Think and Grow Rich,” Napoleon hill has an exercise where you read a statement of how much money you want and what you are willing to do in return for it and when you want this to happen.

The Power of The Spoken Word - Speak Your World Into Existence

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Determine what price you are willing to pay in order to achieve what you want
  2. Set a deadline for when you want to achieve it
  3. Write down a plan for achieving the goal and take action immediately (even if the plan sucks; taking action is the main key—you can always readjust your plan)
  4. Write out a clear statement of the above steps that can be read out loud daily:
  5. By July 15, 2015 I will have in my possession $250,000 which will come to me in various amounts from time to time in the interim.In return for this money i will give the most efficient service of which I am capable of rendering, the fullest possible quantity and the best possible quality in the capacity of value to others. I believe that I will have this money in my possession. My faith is so strong that I can now see this money before my eyes. I can touch it with my hands. It is now awaiting transfer to me at the time and in the proportion that I deliver the service I intend to render in return for it. I am awaiting allan by which to accumulate this money and I will follow that plan when it is received. I ask not divine providence for more riches, but more wisdom to accept and use wisely the riches I received at birth in the form of the power to control and direct my mind to whatever ends I desire.
  6. Read the statement out loud twice daily (once after waking up and once before going to sleep)

He encourages us to read it out loud so you can hear your own words. He understood the power of the spoken word.

We are all extensions of source energy and born creators; each and every one of us. Stop creating by default and realize the power you have to literally create worlds by the words you choose.

Listen and observe carefully what you are saying out loud for one week. Write down any patterns you observe.

By becoming more aware of your spoken word, you can begin to change old patterns of speaking and begin to make positive changes to your life and career path.

Final Words About Using the Power of the Spoken Word

Select words that are positive and uplifting and life affirming.Choose words that bless others. You will be choosing life-giving creation  instead of words that bring about destructive patterns.

Feel free to post an I AM ___ statement in the comment section below.


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Article:  The Power of The Spoken Word: Speak Your World Into Existence

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