Powerful Business Twitter Tips to Fuel Your Business Growth

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Most people think a strategy’s all you need to do business Twitter marketing. It’s part of what you need, yes, but there’s more to Twitter marketing than that.  

I’ve set up a number of social campaigns. At first, I was focused on having the right strategy in place. Back then, I believed that this was most important to reach success.

As I went along, I realized that there’s more to it, though. That’s when I discovered the importance of having the right set of tactics. These tactics solidified my strategy and drove my campaigns to success.

As they say, the smallest details can make the biggest difference. Twitter is one of the fast-moving platforms today. And marketing on this platform needs both good strategies and good tactics.

To help you there, let me give you certain business Twitter tips I’ve discovered throughout the years from Twitter marketing. These business Twitter tips will give you a competitive edge that will propel you to the apex of your niche.

Must-Have Business Twitter Tips

Twitter saw the number of daily active users rise by 9% year-on-year in the third quarter.

The platform posted a 50% surge in ad engagements from October 2017 to 2018. Twitter also posted a 14% decrease in cost per engagement over this time.

Unsurprisingly, 66% of companies with more than 100 employees operate a Twitter account for brand awareness.

These statistics tell you why saying no to Twitter would be an expensive mistake. Marketing on this platform offers unlimited opportunities and benefits. So if you’re ready, you can get off to a flying start on the platform now by using the following business Twitter tips and techniques.

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Post Nonstop TweetsUsers tend to snub inactive and gloomy business pages. Bear in mind that proactive presence is at the core of all business Twitter tips. However, you need to filter posts to avoid the pitfalls and risks of social media marketing. Carelessness could unleash the same nightmares as an inactive account. In some scenarios, the impact is even worse.

Don’t publish an excessive number of ads and tweets or include irrelevant subjects. People don’t like being spammed with advertisements or notes on things they don’t care about. Doing this may force them to stop following you.

Of course, making sensible and engaging tweets can take a lot of time. But it’s worth it because it’s the best way to keep followers as well as get new ones. Keeping and increasing followers is key to getting the benefits of Twitter.

Maximize the 280 CharactersTwitter doubled the character limit from 140 characters to 280. Does is it matter? Of course it does.

Doubling the character limit gives you more space for your marketing. You can fit a lot more into 280 than 140. That’s progress from the old limit!

On the downside, users may frown on longer tweets or even ignore them. Luckily, there are easy business Twitter tips to solve that.

Here are some ways to keep your tweets interesting:

  • Share an interesting and catchy text excerpt from your blog,
  • Make use of visual materials! Twitter allows you to share fun GIFs or you can also share some cool images accompanied by a witty caption, and
  • Boost engagement by tweeting killer conversation starter topics.

As you go along, you will find more business Twitter tips to help you maximize the social media platform.

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Tap into Twitter Trending TopicsYou can link posts to trending topics on Twitter in order to improve the chances of your tweets being seen. It is likely that a majority of new users may take this very lightly.

But this has proven to be one of the most effective business Twitter tips today.

Take advantage of this and start looking for trending topics. You can see what’s currently trending on Twitter on the left side of your dashboard. Tailor it to your business needs by setting your location.

Once you identify trends, start using them to your advantage! Jump on the bandwagon, create a tweet accompanied with the trending hashtag, and join the conversation. Keep the ball rolling by engaging with other users by replying to their tweets.

Follow these business Twitter tips and keep your business on the radar. Do this right and you’ll get healthy exposure on Twitter.

Automated Twitter Features Create Useful, Niche-Specific Feeds

If you cant stay active on Twitter long enough to implement key actions from our business Twitter tips, you can set automated tweets.

Save chunks of time by batch writing and scheduling tweets. This allows you to retain the benefits of custom posts while also enjoying the convenience of automation.

However, as much as possible, limit automation to your tweets. Keep your DMs (Direct Messages) customized. Why?

Users tend to leave or ignore Twitter accounts that do this. Automated direct messages provide convenience but are risky as a marketing technique. Users distrust messages from spam bots, and automated DMs make your account look like it’s run by a spam bot.

Similarly, automated messages won’t feed into users’ queries. If you use them to generate responses or comments, it’s a dead giveaway you don’t read your audience’s messages.

Need help in setting up tweet automation? Check out our list of go-to tools for Twitter as part of our business Twitter tips!

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Analytics Provide Reliable Market Strategies

Analytics provide a backbone for any marketing strategy patterned on these business Twitter tips. That’s because they generate the data needed for you to refine your marketing campaign.

Thankfully, Twitter features analytics tools.

Take a look at some of the major metrics computed by analytics:

  • Tweet impressions,
  • Average tweet engagement rate,
  • Organic audience growth and paid tweet performance,
  • Event and trends metrics, and
  • Video content metrics.

These metrics will help you narrow down your options to boost your marketing campaigns.

Take a Proactive and Reactive Approach on Twitter

Staying active on Twitter isn’t difficult. As a leading interactive social media network, Twitter makes this task a breeze.   

We have explored how the frequency and quality of your tweets keeps your brand active along with other business Twitter tips. Now, it’s time to STAY active by engaging with users directly.

To establish a loyal following on the platform, drop people a line whenever they mention your business. Direct interactions on Twitter could turn them into regular customers.

Join Twitter discussions or conversations that revolve around a certain hashtag. You can easily become part of the conversation by tweeting with a specific hashtag.

Final Thoughts on Business Twitter Tips

This blog post focuses on reliable business Twitter tips. You can use these tips to market your brand on the platform.

You need to post frequently and create compelling tweets to ride on the crest of trending stories. You also need to take advantage of analytics to better focus on your social media marketing strategy.

All in all, these business Twitter tips can help your brand appeal more to your target audience. Since I don’t want to leave any question unanswered or omit phenomenal business Twitter tips you may have, leave a comment below.

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