Tips on How to Promote a Business on Twitter

Tips on How to Promote a Business on Twitter - Twitter, Social Media, Business

Do you want to know how to promote a business on Twitter?

Twitter is now considered one of the world’s most popular microblogging services. It’s effective to use if you want to promote your business online.

Maybe you’ve been doing it for a long time and you’re still not getting the outcome that you want.  If that’s the case, you’re probably not using Twitter the right way for your business.

Maybe you didn’t have the chance to know the proper techniques on how to promote a business on Twitter.

Don’t have to worry about that, though!

Most business owners and marketers lose momentum on the platform in their initial stages. Even I experienced the same years ago – considering that I was involved in social media marketing then.

Over the years, I’ve learned ways to market on Twitter to achieve the results that I want. In this article, I’ll tell you just how you can get the real advantage of using the platform.

Today, I’ll reveal to you how to promote a business on Twitter.

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How to Promote a Business on Twitter: 8 Simple Tips

People use Twitter every day just like other online social media platforms. It’s still worthy of attention though the number of users on Twitter is smaller than Facebook’s.


First, it’s because the user count is continuously increasing. Second, it’s known to be one of the best platforms for business marketing today.

So, knowing how to promote a business on Twitter is a great idea. It’s an affordable channel for boosting brand visibility compared to others.

Additionally, it’s great to use for searching for prospective customers.

But then, you should know how to promote a business on Twitter the proper way. Because if not, considered it a waste of time and resources. And you don’t want this to happen.

Here are some of the best tips on how to promote a business on Twitter. By doing so, you’ll  get more awareness for your brand.

1) Create Engaging Content

It’s clearly the opening move to learning how to promote a business on Twitter. You’ll gain followers here for the content that you create. One of the reasons users follow you on Twitter is because your content is useful for them.

So, you need to make a plan to create engaging content on Twitter. It should be aligned with the needs of your target audience.

With that said, you need to prioritize the demands in your niche and what your target audience is looking for.  This is one of the essential tips on how to promote a business on Twitter.

You also need to be concise in posting your content on Twitter since you only have a limit of 280 characters. You need to maximize those 280 characters.

2) Make Use of Photos and Videos in Your Tweets

Using visual media is the next step in learning how to promote a business on Twitter.

If you have interesting photos and videos in your tweets, it will attract more users to your page.

Compared to plain text, tweets with photos and videos get more engagement. In fact, tweets with videos and images are retweeted almost twice as more than tweets that don’t have photos.

Also, consumers find videos more appealing now. In the last 2 years, video usage on mobile alone rise up to 10 million viewing minutes daily.

3) Engage with Your Followers

In promoting your business on Twitter, think of engaging your followers as well as other users. You can do this by making sure you tweet regularly.

More than 15% of users unfollow a brand in just 3 weeks if it’s not engaging. Thus it’s crucial to always make an effort to maintain the followers you’ve gained.

You can make use of hashtags that relate to your business and take part in the conversations. This way, you can attract users who can turn into followers after engaging them on the platform.

It can also be helpful if you have knowledge about the latest topics related to your product/service.

You can also take more time to read and respond to tweets. You’ll be appreciated by your followers if you do this.

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4) Be Ready to Help

Learn how to be helpful to Twitter users. If you come across tweets about a certain need or concern that your business can address, grab the chance to help.

By offering solutions to help resolve certain issues, you get a chance of becoming known as a brand.

It can even be a good opportunity to promote your product/service. People will remember you for helping them and eventually, they’ll turn into customers.

5) Use Direct Messages

Another effective way on how to promote a business on Twitter is by making use of DMs (Direct Message).  This establishes connections with followers and other users.

Enabling your DM setting will allow everyone to message you. And with that, you have to check your inbox regularly.


More than 78% of users expect responses in an hour. This is especially true when there’s a complaint. And this means that you have to respond to them right away.

In learning how to promote a business on Twitter, you must pay attention to your inbox. If you can, assign staff to manage direct messages to ensure that all messages that you receive will be attended to.

6) Make Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are known to be a useful tool for businesses. You can use this to find relevant tweets that are related to your products/services.

You can also use hashtags to ensure that people who show interest in your products/services will be able to see your tweets.

Hashtags can also help you find people you can provide your business solutions to.

On how to promote a business on Twitter, you might also want to create a different hashtag for your campaigns. This helps you keep organized and easily track your tweets. When you have this organized, it’ll be easier for you to respond to mentions and replies.

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7) Use Twitter Ads

Another great way on how to promote a business on Twitter is by using Twitter Ads. It allows you to specify the audience that you want to target.

Twitter advertising has no minimum campaign spend. If you’re new to this and not sure about the amount to pay for interaction, just select the automatic bidding.

This will generate the specific bid price according to your set budget. Twitter Ads newbies like you should start small. Kick off your campaign with 4 to 5 tweets.

Always remember to put a CTA (call-to-action).  If not, all efforts won’t give you any good results.

8) Use Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics can greatly help. It will help you better understand how your content is doing on the platform.  It’ll help you analyze if your marketing strategies are working for you.  

It’ll also help you learn more about your audience and see if your tweets are effective.

Your Google Analytics tool has:

  • A Campaign Dashboard,
  • A Tweet Activity Dashboard,
  • An Overview, and
  • Audience Insights.

You can see your campaign’s progress through the Campaign Dashboard. It also lets you track your campaigns’ cost-per-result and  impressions and results.

You can see info about the number of tweets, likes, replies, and retweets on the Tweet Activity Dashboard. This also lets you know the amount of reach your tweets gained on the platform.

Also, there’s a Twitter assistant now that helps in your tweets analysis. It will give you recommendations of tweets that receive a lot of engagement.

The Audience Insights tool is useful for perceiving your followers’ demographics.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of other tools that will help your business marketing on Twitter.  If you want to learn more, you can read my post on the 8 Ultimate Twitter Tools for Business.

Final Thoughts on How to Promote a Business on Twitter

In this post, I discussed some of the best tips on how to promote a business on Twitter.

The first step is to learn how to tweet to your business’ advantage. It should be according to the needs and interest of your target audience.

It’s also crucial to create good quality tweets. You need to be able to engage users. By this, you’ll get the opportunity to advertise your products/services.

Finally, you should know how to use its tools like Twitter Analytics and Twitter Ads. These tools can increase visibility and help you analyze your performance on the platform.

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