Prosperity Tips Webinar – Results of our Blogging Survey

Prosperity Tips Webinar – Results of our Blogging Survey.

Bren and I used Survey Monkey to find out information from our audience about their proficiency with blogging and how it was used.

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In this webinar we talk about the results of our blogging survey.

2:29 Question 1: What is Blogging?

5:25 Question 2: Why blog?

7:58 Question 3: What is your proficiency level with blogging where 1 is never turned on a computer, and 10 is a blogging expert.

14:17 Question 4: If you knew you would make money blogging, how much time would you spend on it each day?

19:30 Question 5: Would getting more training about getting more traffic to your blog be of value to you?

22:06 Question 6: What blogging system do you use?

23:30 I talk about why we have lots of different blogs.

27:28 It is extremely important to just get started.  No matter how little time or experience you have, it is key to take action by creating content today.  We are more than willing to offer advice on getting started, so use the contact information listed below.  There is always the time to invest in your future… even if you only have 20 minutes a day.  Speak with your own voice, and get your message out.

Look at it this way: what would get you out of best 3:00AM in the morning… that would be a great topic to create content about.


If you are ready to either start an online business, or take your online business to the next level, let us mentor you and open up our expert training library to you.  For more information about how to make money online click here:

Prosperity Tips Webinar - Results of our Blogging Survey

See you on the other side!

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Article: Prosperity Tips Webinar – Results of our Blogging Survey

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