Provide Value First In Order to Receive

you must give in order to receive

“Provide Value First In Order to Receive” written and video by Mike Marko.

Are you struggling to get sales or get new customers?

You may be getting leads, but nobody seems to want to pull the trigger and become your customer…

Does that sound like you?

The answer to getting sales may seem a bit counter-intuitive, and that’s the focus of today’s blog post.

Provide Value First In Order to Receive

Watch the video as I talk about the important of providing value first in order to receive compensation.



What Do You Mean By “Provide Value First”?

What is meant by “value” is actually providing something that your target customer wants.

By providing value, even content that you feel you should be charging for, it actually sets up a tone where you are seen as the authority in your field.  Give, give, and give some more.

That’s why Bren and I blog regularly, giving away our “secrets” freely so all can read them.  This makes our blog an authority site for people interested in the niche we write about.

We also offer free advice, and send out regular emails to our newsletter list providing even more information our followers can use.

Give and Give and Give…

The idea is to keep giving, and giving as much as you can.  But… with NO expectation of receiving.  Put the thought of money out of your mind.

I know it’s not easy.  It wasn’t easy for me.

But keep giving value as much as humanly possible.  And don’t wait to make money from it.

Then What?

Well the cool part is that by providing so much value, you develop a loyal following.  People begin to trust you, recognize that you are an expert in your area, and want to work with you.

Sure it takes some time, but it’s well worth it.  The idea is that you are creating a lasting business that will serve you for many years.

Pay the way forward and you’ll have rewards in the end.

Final Thoughts on Providing Value First

It may seem counter-intuitive but “giving away the farm” up front and sharing your knowledge actually helps you become more profitable long term.

Try it… you’ll see what I mean if you trust the process.


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Article: Provide Value First In Order to Receive

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