Improve Your Business Using The Psychology of Color

Psychology of Color

Improve Your Business Using The Psychology of Color” written by Mike Marko.

Can some CTA (Call to Action) colors make your offer convert better than others?

Color in Advertising

The colors you choose could greatly affect your sales and productivity. For that reason, A lot of testing and research has gone into what colors work best and why and It’s not as simple as just choosing the most popular color.

Color in Advertising for Google

Even Google demonstrates their use of the psychology of color. Did you know they tested 4,000 shades of blue prior to picking their button?

Psychology of Color

Evoking Emotions with Color

Different colors evoke different emotions so it stand to reason that there would be many studies and A/B tests out there on which colors work best based on the psychology of color. Here is a study from Unbouce:

Improve Your Business Using The Psychology of Color


Even though according to the book Cashvertising, by Drew Eric Whitman, people prefer these three colors more than others:

  1. Blue
  2. Red
  3. Green

Further Study

Several test studies show orange/red is actually the most popular CTA button.

And red converts better. It wins in studies for conversion rates up against both blue and green.

Improve Your Business Using The Psychology of Color

This makes sense since it is a warm, vibrant and flamboyant color.

It is energy combined with fun.

In the psychology of color it means adventure, optimism, self-confidence and sociability. It makes people want to buy.

Orange vitalizes, inspires and creates enthusiasm.

As you may have noticed it is not bright neon orange but a salmon, coral, terra-cotta usually combined with the classic gray… which brings me to contrast.

Color Alone Isn’t Everything

You need to not only understand the traits, qualities and mood the color evokes, but how it fits in with your target audience and coordinates with the rest of the page.

Contrasting the button with the background color can be even more important than the color itself. It must be prominent and easy to see. If your background color does not support this, then having the right color button is not going to help you.

The right color choice for your call-to-action buttons depends on the other colors on your website. Orange may stand out in one color scheme, or disappear in another.

As a rule, bright, contrasting colors that stand out from a contrasting background tend to convert better

Studies About the Psychology of Color

The color of the button alone does not guarantee conversion. It’s about placement on the page contrasting color and complimentary color.

It must get the attention of your potential customer.

What is even more important than color is having a button that is prominent and easy to find.

The color of the text and the hierarchy of the page all come into play.

Congruency through out the webpage is important too. If you have earthy tones on your website a bright orange button may seem out of place.

Color is something to take into consideration, but if the rest of your page is not a strong enough contrast, not a complimentary color, or not congruent the color of your CTA button is not going to matter.

The colors you choose can greatly affect your sales and productivity.

Final Take Away Psychology of Color

The bottom line…Always use your own judgment. Would you trust your offer based on the colors you see?


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