Realize Your Dreams – A Lesson Learned from Sidney Poitier

“Realize Your Dreams – A Lesson Learned from Sidney Poitier” written by Guest Contributor.

Realize Your Dreams – Example from Sidney Poitier’s Life Story

I’m listening to an audiotape of actor Sidney Poitier’s autobiography ‘The Measure of a Man,’ and was struck by a story he tells about himself before he became famous. He was a young man, with a wife and children, and was between acting jobs. He was working as a dishwasher at a restaurant, and in desperate need of money.

He was offered a part by the agent Marty Baum. He’d already played leading roles in films…

Realize Your Dreams - A Lesson Learned from Sidney Portierand when he read the script, he hated it.

It was a story of a janitor and a murder takes place. The bad guys were concerned about whether his character (the janitor) had seen anything, so what they did to keep him from talking was they killed his daughter and threw her body on the lawn of his house! And his character didn’t do any thing about it.

Sidney Poitier felt it was beneath him to play such a weak, submissive character, so he turned down a job that would have paid him $700 a week, which was a lot of money for him then.

He went on to play many well known parts in films such as “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” and “To Sir With Love.” He even became the first African American actor to win an academy award for best actor in the film “Lilies of the Field.” He didn’t compromise his ideals and the payoff was a ground breaking legacy.

Realize Your Dreams With Some Courage

Famous author and mythologist Joseph Campbell says…

“I think a person who takes a job in order to live––that is to say, for the money––has turned himself into a slave. WORK begins when you don’t like what you’re doing.

“There’s a wise saying: make your hobby your source of income. Then there’s no such thing as work, and there’s no such thing as getting tired.

“That’s been my experience. I did just what I wanted to do. It takes a little courage at first, because who the hell wants you to do just what you want to do; they’ve all got a lot of plans for you. But you can make it happen. I think it’s very important for a young person to have the courage to do what seems to him significant in his life, and not just take a job in order to make money. But this takes a bit of prudence and very careful planning, and may delay financial achievement and comfortable living. But the ultimate result will be very much to his pleasure.”

Realize Your Dreams – An Example From My Friend Jacques

In my own life, I met an amazingly talented pattern maker and fashion designer, Jacques Mugnier, while doing an internship at Edun Fashion House in NYC .

We became fast friends on the first day I arrived. I was scared and felt out of place, and heard this voice from across the pattern table say, “Hi Cutie.” He continually helped me throughout my internship with smiles, words of encouragement, and help navigating the unfamiliar landscape of the streets of NYC. I could always count on Jacques to smile and greet me when I arrived in the morning. This was in an environment where the interns are invisible commodities.

He later told me he was intrigued by me because I didn’t look like the typical intern. It’s not many people who decide to switch gears in mid-life and pursue a career in fashion in NYC.

Realize Your Dreams - Alpaca and MushroomsJacques had a dream too. He’d secretly wanted to leave NYC for years. He was burned out from the grueling lifestyle of the fashion industry, with it’s 18+hour days for weeks at a time. He wanted to move to a farm to raise alpaca and mushrooms. And inspired by my leap of faith and change in careers, he did just that… He now has a lovely farm in southern Indiana. Meet Goldie… she is one of his babies. An alpaca mommy about to give birth on his farm.

I am officially an alpac-aunt

Now is the Time to Realize Your Dreams

So if you’re you in a place where you feel like you’re holding out for your dream life, or have been succumbing to the pressure of society to work at a job that you hate, just for money,

or there is something you’ve always dreamed of doing, but it got lost along the way because of responsibilities or societal pressures,

It’s never too late to realize your dreams, but it takes courage and deciding that you’ve had enough.

It will take a few steps out in faith to realize your dreams. You may have some rough times, with some hard work, but the rewards will be a life of pleasure and a legacy to all those around you.

Develop a support system of like-minded people, and don’t listen to the nay-sayers.

Take one small inspired action step after another.

There are so many people who are waiting to benefit from your unique story.Take that step now. It really is never too late.

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Article:  Realize Your Dreams – A Lesson Learned from Sidney Poitier

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