“Review of Spiderman Homecoming Teaser Trailer” by Mike Marko.

Review of Spiderman Homecoming Teaser Trailer

You probably found this blog post because you may be as big a fan of Spiderman as I am.

I know my inner spider-geek was super excited to see the kid (Tom Holland) play Spiderman to a T in the Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War.  So when I saw this Teaser Trailer I was really excited.

That’s why I wanted to write a review of Spiderman Homecoming teaser trailer from the perspective of a true fan of Spiderman.

Review of Spiderman Homecoming Teaser Trailer

Let’s take a look at the Spiderman Homecoming Teaser trailer first.

Ok… I hope you saw the movie is coming out 7/17/2017.  I’ve already marked it on my calendar.  🙂

Let’s start with the basics…

Spiderman Homecoming Teaser Cast

Zendaya – Michelle
Tom Hollan – Spider-man
Robert Downey Jr. – Iron Man
Michael Keaton – Vulture
Marisa Tornei – May Parker (Aunt May)
Tony Revolori – Manuel
Donal Glover
Laura Harrier – Liz Allan
Bokeem – Woodbine
Kenneth Choi – Principal
Martin Starr
Hannibal – Buress
Jacob Batalon
Logan Marshall-Green
Michael Barbieri
Michael Chernus – Tinkerer
Tyne Daly
Michael Mando

You can check out the complete cast here.

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Spider-man Homecoming Teaser Review

Just in case you hadn’t realized, the movie is set in Queens, NYC.  Even though the movie was shot in Atlanta they go out of their way to make the set look as close to Queens as possible on the exterior.  Details like that go a long way.

When you see the bank robbers sporting high tech weaponry, it really makes you question where they get that from.  It makes us believe that the weaponry may have Chitauri tech? Or it could have been supplied by Michael Chernus’ Tinkerer character (who doesn’t appear in this teaser).  This technology helps keep the reverence to the Marvel universe while still bringing in the street-level elements of Spider-man (key to the die-hard fan like myself).

By the way… I loved the touch that the bank robbers wore Avenger masks.

Speaking of custumes… I have to say that this edition of spiderman’s costume is PERFECT.  The best yet.  And in my opinion, Tom Hollan’s version of Spider-man is the most accurate version compared to the comic books.  The nerdy, kid from Queens who just got powers is very believable.

Spider-man Homecoming Villians

Michael Keaton’s vulture portrayal is bad-a$$.  His costume matches the actor ability: it helps portray vulture as a real villian to be featured.  The use of an experiences actor like Michael Keaton helps show vulture is an experience villian not to be messed with.

Spider-man Homecoming Characters

I love how they are bringing Peter Parker back to his high school days.  It really helps portray how young and innocent the character is in my favorite versions of the comic book character.  It’s also cool that the high school is filled with… actual teenagers for a change.  lol

Laura Harrier plays Liz Allan, and appears to be Peter’s main crush in this movie.  It also appears that maybe Angourie Rice will be playing another character from the comics, Betty Brant. These characters go back to Spidey’s earliest days, with Liz first appearing in Spidey’s first ever comic, Amazing Fantasy #15, with Betty making her debut a few months later in Amazing Spider-Man #4. This is Liz’s first time in live action.

It is also cool that they bring in Avenger’s Iron Man to help continue the tie in with the Marvel universe.  I don’t think Tony Stark plays a huge role in this movie, but we’ll see.

Final Take-Aways About the Spider-man Homecoming Teaser

I’m very excited about this movie.  It’s too bad it isn’t in theaters now because i would love to take my daughters to come see it.  This movie is definitely worth the wait.  I also love the ending scene of the movie because, unlike most avengers that don’t seem to care about what collateral damage is done during fight scenes, Spider man is always one to be looking out for the “little guy”.  And I can’t think of a more fitting final scene, especially with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Spider-man Homecoming Teaser Trailer.  If you think I missed anything, please add it to the comments below.  I would love to discuss the movie trailer.


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Review of Spiderman Homecoming Teaser Trailer - Mike Marko

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