The Most Crucial Search Engine Optimization Techniques You Should Know

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Do you want to know more effective search engine optimization techniques?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that makes websites and web pages visible in search engine results pages. Through this process, it’ll help users to easily find your website online.

You might be wondering… why do you need to do that additional work?

Incorporating SEO to your business strategy will give your brand more exposure. In turn, this will give you more leads. When you have more leads, you get bigger profits. And who doesn’t want this for their business, right?

Today, there are a lot of search engine optimization techniques. However, not all of them are beginner-friendly or even applicable to every business.

In fact, SEO newbies may find it overwhelming.

Don’t worry, though — I got you.

In this post, I’ll be talking about some of the most effective search engine optimization techniques for your website. These search engine optimization techniques will also work on most businesses and newbies in the SEO game.

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Search Engine Optimization Techniques You Should Focus On

As I mentioned, these search engine optimization techniques that we’ll talk about will help your website get noticed online.

These techniques push your website to the top results of the search engine results.

For example, your website is selling rocking chairs. Of course, you want people who’s searching for it easily find it online.

With search engine optimization techniques, that’ll work! These techniques can guarantee that your website will show up on the first page for Google for people looking for “rocking chairs for sale.”

You might be wondering why I’m only using Google as an example considering that there are other search engines today. It’s because Google is where search engine optimization techniques focus the most on.

It’s simply because it’s what most people commonly used. In fact, most of your target audience is using Google to search online.

You can try some search engine optimization techniques that will help with your SERP rank. Here are some search engine optimization techniques that you can be an expert of so you can improve your online presence.

Engage As Much As You Can


One important aspect of search engine optimization is engagement. It’s because it’s a search ranking signal, which is a factor that affect your site’s ranking in Google search.

To put it simply: a higher engagement is better for your website ranking. That’s why engaging activities are good search engine optimisation techniques.

One example of a good engagement activity is by asking people who visit your site questions. Another is by simply responding to comments or messages.

It’ll be great if you can keep people on your site longer as well. You can also ask site visitors to share your content.

The good news is, there are so many search engine optimization techniques that can help boost engagement.

Here are some of them…

Create Posts that are Easy to Read

To make your post readable, make sure that it follows a proper and good format. Make sure that paragraphs are only limited to 2-3 sentences. As much as possible, use only one-sentence paragraphs.


Longer sentences are difficult to follow on screen. Plus, they’ll look all clumped up together. When it’s like this, users will just skip it or go to a different website.

Always keep in mind that people online read and scan. That’s why you need to make your post very readable. Use a lot of clear and informative sub-headers.

For facts and other important information, it’ll be better if you can write them in bullets. This’ll make scanning so much easier. Your readers will definitely thank you for this.

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Add Multimedia in Your Content

Another great way to increase engagement is to add high-resolution images in your content. By adding images, you get a chance to better explain the idea of your post. Plus, it becomes visually-engaging.

To ensure that it’s engaging, your images should help tell a story or simplify an idea. In fact, having more than one medium for content is one of the best search engine optimisation techniques.

Just keep in mind to keep your images original and high-quality. Make sure that it doesn’t violate any copyrights as well.

Improve Your Bounce Rate

There are so many reasons why you get high bounce rates. It could be because of low-quality content. It could also be due to the poor design of the landing pages.

Lower bounce rates are attributed to a well-designed and good quality content pages. This also means that pages with lower bounce rates have implemented search engine optimisation techniques. These techniques provide users with good content and user experience.

With that being said, part of your search engine optimization techniques should involve website improvement. A high bounce rate can put your site at risk.

To lower your bounce rate, you can start by improving your content. You can also make your site more easily navigable.

In order to do this, consider adding internal links. Internal links will help online visitors go from page to another.


Make Your Pages Longer

When you have longer pages, it’s because you have longer content. Search engines are in favor of websites that provide longer pages.

That’s why, as part of your search engine optimization techniques, you need to have a long format for your content. You also have to be sure that your content has value. Don’t just write fluff just so you can make your article longer.

Once you don, this will turn off your visitors. And when that happens, you get a higher bounce rate, which is not for your website ranking on Google.

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Work on Your YouTube SEO


Another way to rank higher on Google search is to optimize your YouTube account. Being the second most popular search engine today, it’s only a good idea to focus on your search engine optimization techniques on it.

In fact, 55% of all keyword searches on Google show at least one video and 82% of those videos come from YouTube. So, focus on YouTube SEO strategies. This will help your website rank on the first page of Google.

Make SEO-Friendly Videos

What are SEO-friendly videos? These are videos that contain clickable titles. Make sure to use keywords at the start of your title to optimise it for search.

Your title also has to have more than 5 words that contains a broad target keyword. Keep in mind that a lot of people rely on your title to know what your video is about. This is why you need to optimize your title.

By doing so, you’ll help push it to become more visible online.

Make Longer Videos

Longer videos tend to get more views. And they tend to do really well in YouTube search.

A video that is at least 5 minutes long is ideal. This is perfect for most marketing and business videos.

Use Better Video Thumbnails

Aside from the title, your video thumbnail will help you get more clicks.

That’s why you really have to spend time selecting a good thumbnail for your video. The thumbnail will also help viewers know what your video is about. You can also try to use a good image along with a title card.

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Improve Site Speed

Site speed is another Google ranking factor. This simply means that Google wants to make sure that your website is loading fast.

And because of this, you really have to focus on making your website’s speed better. You can improve on this by having an index for database optimization. For faster loading, you also have to make sure that your pages and images are well-optimized.

Build Backlinks

To get a good ranking on Google, building backlinks is very important. Your website’s backlink profile is still a reliable indicator of its SERP ranking. If you don’t have a good backlink profile, you won’t be able to rank well on Google.

As party of search engine optimization techniques, you need to focus on making a good backlink profile. You can do by gathering high-quality links and avoiding the low-quality ones.

High-quality links can come from quality content, outreach, and influencer marketing. These can help boost your ranking.

Avoid the low-quality ones. These are usually the ones from pay-to-link blog networks, spammy sites, and suspicious sources.

Reporting & Analytics

Another crucial part of SEO is reporting and analytics. An analytics platform will help you keep track of micro and macro events. So, it’s important that you have this set up for your website.

This is necessary for your search engine optimization techniques. This can help you keep track of how your SEO is doing and where you can improve.

Technical Optimization

Having a solid website is very important. If you want to rank high in SERPs, you have to ensure that no technical issues will arise.

Here are some search engine optimization techniques for technical website optimization.

Switch to HTTPS

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is the securest version of the old HTTP web protocol. Using this is considered best practice. It’ll help improve your website as well as its SEO presence.

This is simply because Google and other search engines perfect the use of HTTPS.

It’s also one of the search engine optimization techniques that meet online users’ standards. After all, it’s become a world of cybersecurity threats.

Online users who are conscious of their security prefer HTTPS sites.

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Use AMP for Mobile

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page. It lets publishers easily make response and mobile-optimised content.

This is a fast method to deliver content on mobile devices. It combines 3 components:


  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language Tags) tags help common web patterns render quickly.
  • AMP JavaScript (JS) manages resource loading and best practices needed for quick rendering.
  • AMP cache loads content and ensures speed.


Fix 404 Errors

When search engine can’t find a web page, it leads to a 404 error. This is not good for your SEO. 404 errors are representative of dead links. And dead links can’t be crawled by search engines.

That’s why it’s crucial that you always fix your 404 errors. You can do this by using 301 redirects. It is one of the best search engine optimization techniques as well.

303 redirects sends a message to search engines that the content that’s used to be on the page has been moved. Thus, search engines should crawl it to that new location instead.


Final Thoughts on The Most Crucial Search Engine Optimization Techniques You Should Know


In this post, we talked about search engine optimization techniques. You can easily master these to help the ranking of your website.

The search engine optimization techniques that I discussed here can be used in conjunction with each other.

Let’s recap the search engine optimization techniques that I shared with you:


  • Engage as much as possible.
  • Have longer pages and content.
  • Work on your YouTube SEO.
  • Boost your site speed.
  • Create a good link profile.
  • Have reporting and analytics.
  • Improve on technical optimization.


These search engine optimization techniques can push your website to the first page of SERPs. And when that happens, you gain more visitors and potential customers.

If you have any more questions about search engine optimization techniques, leave a comment below.

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