SEO 101 – Learn the SEO Basics in this SEO Overview

Google SEO Guide for Beginners

SEO 101 – Learn the SEO Basics in this SEO Overview.

So you learned what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in my SEO Overview blog post.

And I bet you are hungry for more.  I know I was when I first started learning about SEO.

What I LOVE about SEO is that it is like a puzzle to me… a game.  I use SEOPressor so I watch the score get higher until I score 100%.  🙂

That is when I know I got a really good balance.  I don’t get 100% all the time but if I can score between 90-100% I am pleased.

So what’s next?

Lets start off with my next SEO Overview video…

VIDEO: SEO 101 – Learn the Basics of SEO

The Basics of SEO

What you learn in this SEO 101 tutorial is a key element when you learn how to blog. Blogging is a great way to use SEO to get traffic to your website, and to your offer.

When you watch our SEO basics tutorial, you hear that I talk about how Google does not rank websites, videos, forums, or anything other than webpages. That is an important takeaway because it helps you get a better understanding on how you need to focus on each page you want to rank. And if you focus on a specific page to rank, and it does pop to the top of Google, you have to be mindful of where you want your visitors to go from there.

I hope you understand that important point… because many people don’t.

Quality Does Matter – Even for Search Engine Optimisation

If you try to rank garbage probably because you were rushing and just jammed in a bunch of keywords to play the ranking game, if people do get to your site they are just going to bounce off. People bouncing off your website is bad for your bounce rate.

Why would you spend your valuable time trying to rank a blog post when people are just going to get a bad first impression and just leave? You can have the best content in the world on ANOTHER PAGE, but if they go to the ranking garbage page they will never discover it.

That is why it is important to try to put up quality work and rank that.

It is not uncommon for so called SEO gurus to put up 400 or more posts a year… but they are non-value added. Would you want your name attributed to garbage?

I hope not.

So take your time.

SEO 101 Key Lesson – Rank Quality Content

It is still important to post daily to get ranked, but make sure it is quality stuff. Don’t bother trying to rank a post that has 200 words and a video… instead just try to rank the video in YouTube and link it back to your website. You will have a better chance of ranking it that way. Sure go ahead and put that short blog post in your blog with the video because it is important to have content. But don’t try to rank it unless you have the time to put together a quality blog post with it… ideally between 800-1000 words (500 minimum).

Take this blog post for example. This started off with a video that I created. I then wrote this blog post around it to add more value to it. I want you, my visitor, to have a great experience from this because I want you to come back… better yet stick around and read a few more of my blog posts.

Some More SEO 101 – Have Realistic Expectations

Don’t expect to rank high on competitive search terms the first time you start doing SEO. It is better to search in Google Adwords for terms that only have maybe 10-20 visitors a month and create blog posts on each of those.

Look at it from this perspective… 60% of the traffic goes to the top 3 places in Google. If you are not in the top 3 spots then you are basically getting very little traffic. But if you can find longer keyword phrases with little traffic that have almost no competition, then that is a great place to start.

Let’s say you target those low traffic, low competition keywords, and you blog once a day… ok let’s say 25 times a month because you are doing this like me while you have a full time job and you need time to market (side note: this is why it is great to work with your spouse or partner on this because if you are doing this part time they can help make sure you do your daily blog post… but I digress).

Sorry – Time for a LITTLE Bit of Math

Now if you get on average 25% of the traffic for each of those long tail keywords, then conservatively we can say you getroughly (25% of 15) 4 visitors per blog post once Google indexes the page.   That doesn’t sound like much, but wait…

You created 25 blog posts a month, and 25 x 4 visitors/blog post = 100 visitors a month. That is only from one month of work. Do that for 12 months and you get 1,200 visitors a month. Keep in mind this is traffic with no social media traffic where you promote your posts. This is just from Google searches.

Now imagine if you capture the emails of even 5% of those visitors (60 people). That means that you can promote your blog posts to those people so they visit your webpage more than that one time.  And each visitor will most likely look at more than one blog post when they stumble across your website. I you have quality stuff they will tell their friends about your site and send them links to your articles… you get the picture?

But all of this is out the window if your visitors arrive and they find garbage. Bounce… they are gone.

Get the picture? 😉

Our Key Lesson Take Away for SEO 101

Don’t post absolute garbage and try to rank it. It doesn’t do you any good.

Make the content interesting, entertaining, and/or informative.

Just don’t waste their time otherwise you wasted yours.

So look out for more in our SEO basics tutorial series.

Here’s to your future success blogging!

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Article:  SEO 101 – Learn the SEO Basics in this SEO Overview

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