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Growing Your Business with SEO and Affiliate Marketing” written by Mike Marko.

A lot of times I see websites with blog posts that have little thought put towards on-page SEO.  It causes me to scratch my head… other than doing paid traffic and maybe some social bookmarking, how do they intend to build traffic to their site?

Growing traffic can even be more challenging if the website has affiliate marketing to try to cash in on their traffic.  Often the advertising of the affiliate products can be too in the face for the average visitor, thus giving them a poor visitor experience. With an experience like this, it will be a lot more difficult to bring back the visitor back to the website.  And a lot of your effort to get traffic to your site will have been wasted.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows you to tap into the endless supply of new visitors.  People using search engines to find content can be extremely valuable to someone making money from affiliate marketing.

But even with SEO, you need to strike a balance between promoting your affiliate links and trying to make money from your website.  One of my main ways of making money online is to combine SEO and affiliate marketing.

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Find Your Keyword Phrase for SEO and Affiliate Marketing

The first step is to research a keyword phrase for the page.  When I am writing my blog posts, I like to use the Google Keyword Planner tool to find keywords that have low competition.  I don’t like to put in as much SEO effort with my blog posts like I do with my money pages, so I go for low competition keyword phrases.  Where a base keyword may be “MLM”, a better main keyword phrase for a blog post may be “free online MLM leads” because it would have a lot less competition than the generic term, “MLM”.

I would then use that keyword phrase in the blog post like I describe in the blog post, Beginner Blog SEO Tips – Help Google Find Your Blog.

Know Your Audience

Pick keyword phrases that are relevant to the audience you want to attract to your page, ultimately to your affiliate products.  SEO and affiliate marketing can be very effective as long as you do some forethought with regards to the keyword phrases you use.

Knowing your audience before you start creating content can really help improve your success with online marketing.  Even if you do the best combination of SEO and affiliate marketing possible, if you don’t match your offer with the visitors you are attracting, you won’t be very successful.

The blog post, How to Determine a Target Audience for Your Blog or Online Content, can help you better define your audience for your website.  Take the time to make sure you really understand you audience.  Then everything else will start falling into place.

SEO and Affiliate Marketing with Money Pages

Up to this point, we have talked about keyword phrases for your blog posts.  Another important aspect of SEO and affiliate marketing is your money pages.

Money pages are webpages, usually static pages, that attempt to attract buyer traffic to your website.  They use SEO to target people to your website that want to buy products similar to, and often competing with, your affiliate offers.

These pages often use keywords such as “Review”, “Legit”, “Scam”, or “Bonus” in conjunction with the name of the product being reviewed.   For example, a very successful money page for me right now is  The page, “What is IPAS 2 – Read this IPAS2 Review“, is a review of the IPAS2 system for a product launch that is currently underway.

SEO and Affiliate Marketing During a Product Launch

Trying to rank in Google during a product launch isn’t for the faint of heart.  It can be gut wrenching as other marketers are competing for the same keywords.  But with the right on-page and off-page SEO strategies, you can get a lot of traffic to your website during a launch.

With the example of I was able to get at the top of Google for several keyword terms.  This was very profitable for me, but it was a constant battle of building backlinks during the launch.  This was my first product launch, and so now I know how important it is to build up your backlinks WELL in advance if you can.  Not only do you have to worry about building backlinks to optimize your SEO, but you also have to make sure they get the pages indexed otherwise Google will not recognize that they exist.

Growing Your Business with SEO and Affiliate Marketing - ipas2

Growing Your Business with SEO and Affiliate Marketing - ipas 2

Growing Your Business with SEO and Affiliate Marketing - ipas2 review

Growing Your Business with SEO and Affiliate Marketing - ipas 2 Review

Keep Your Audience for Your SEO and Affiliate Marketing

An important element of SEO and affiliate marketing is actually making the webpages inviting and informative to the visitors.  If you just keyword stuff the content so that it is clunky, and not easy to read, then odds are your visitors will be gone before you know it… thus increasing your bounce rate.

So take the time to create good, informative content that will retain visitors and reduce bounce rate.

This also means keeping your affiliate marketing on the down-low.  While it is important to still have elements of marketing, don’t make it obvious that the only reason the website exists is for you to make money… nothing will drive people off faster than if they think you are trying to sell them.

Now the exception to this rule are my money pages that are part of my own affiliate marketing, like for the IPAS 2 system.  The purpose of these money pages is to attract visitors from Google specifically looking for information to confirm that they want to buy that product, and then to close the deal.

Just keep your visitor experience in mind no matter what you do.  Put yourself in the shoes of your visitor and ask yourself, “would you like to visit a webpage like this”?

If you do, you’ll do better than a lot of people combining SEO and affiliate marketing.

Wrap Up

This is just an overview of how to use SEO and affiliate marketing together.  As you continue to practice and learn SEO, you’ll be rewarded with the results down the road. Remember you are building a long term business here. Be patient and blog every day!

Here’s to your future success blogging!

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Article:  Growing Your Business with SEO and Affiliate Marketing

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