SEO Basics Tutorial for Beginners – Learn the Basics of SEO

A Beginners Guide to SEO

SEO Basics Tutorial for Beginners – Learn the Basics of SEO.

You have an amazing website. You setup your products. You have been creating tons of content on your blog.

But you’re still not getting any traffic!

What’s happening???

Changes are if you haven’t started working on one of the most important ways to market your site… and that is by SEO.

Learning about SEO is an import step in learning how to blog.

What is SEO?

There are lots of definitions of SEO (spelled Search Engine Optimisation in the UK, or Search Engine Optimization in the US) but it really comes down to this, SEO in 2015 is about getting free traffic from Google, the most popular search engine in the world.

There are also other search engines that you should forget either, like in YouTube, social media sites, forums, and article sites, which all have their own search engines.

SEO can be divided into two main areas: on-page SEO (changes you can make to your website to rank better), and off-page SEO (work you do separate from your target website).

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Who Uses SEO?

Actually, I think the title of this section is better phrased to be the question, “Who NEEDS to Use SEO?”

The answer is everyone who want to put anything on the internet and they want customers or visitors to find them.

Google has replaced the Yellow pages (and the White pages)… you know those archaic phone books?

You can pay to be listed on some sites, but still it doesn’t cover all the terms people search for on the internet.

It is far better to create content that is designed for SEO to get traffic to your website AND provide valuable information your visitors are looking for or want to be entertained by.

Search engine optimization techniques can be used to show up on the first page of Google… and that results in more traffic to your website.

The Basics of SEO Keywords

Now let’s learn some of the basics of SEO in the following video.

VIDEO: SEO Basics Tutorial for Beginners – Learn the Basics of SEO Keywords

In the video we learned about keywords and keyword phrases. Keywords are critical to SEO… they are part of the basics of SEO. Before you create any content on your website, you need to do some keyword research. This keyword research, if done properly, will drive the right type of traffic to your webpage.

In the video we talked about using long tail keywords or keyword phrases to help ensure you get the traffic you are looking for, and with less competition. For example, you get better (and easier) traffic if you try to rank in Google for MLM leads instead of MLM.

By selecting the correct keyword phrase, like MLM leads, you are getting buyer traffic instead of people in the research mode.

As a side note: make sure you use keyword phrases that are congruent with your content. If you try to play the SEO game and jam a bunch of different SEO phrases on your webpage to get traffic, you are just going to piss people off. Pissed off people will just quickly leave your webpage… which is bad. It will increase your website “bounce rate” which Google monitors. Check out this article on reducing website bounce rate for more information.

Now back to the topic of keyword phrases…

Ideal suffixes to your long tail keyword are phrases that indicate the searchers are buyers… and if you can provide answers to these buyers they pay you for that solution. That is the magic that comes from learning the basics of SEO.

If you are trying to sell a specific product (or discuss a competing product), the idea suffixes are “Review”, “Scam”, “Legit”, and “Bonus”.

When someone is using the word “Review” they are typically looking for reasons to buy a product.

When someone is using the word “Scam” they are looking for a reason why someone thinks they should not buy a product. Personally I never call someone else’s product a scam, but I do use this keyword phrase.

When the word “Legit” is used the searcher is looking to legitimize what they feel about the product…. That it is for real.

Now a lot of time people offer bonuses to buy a product from them. So the savvy searcher uses the word “Bonus” to see if they can find bonuses. So this can be a great keyword to use in the keyword phrase.

We Just Scraped the Surface

We have just started to talk about the basics of SEO now. There is a lot more ground to cover, like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, keyword research, social syndication, building back links, etc.

So look out for more in our SEO basics tutorial series continuing with the next blog post, SEO 101.

Here’s to your future success blogging!

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Article:  SEO Basics Tutorial for Beginners – Learn the Basics of SEO

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