The 5 Don’ts of Executing Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Executing Your Social Media Marketing Plan

“The 5 Don’ts of Executing Your Social Media Marketing Plan” written by Guest Contributor.

These are pictures of my gym locker room mirror.  It’s a reminder of how much we are surrounded by media today.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been around for less than a decade, but it’s hard to remember what life was like before social media.

With this change, some of the most successful businesses are small start-ups that have learned to use this technology to gain an edge. They realize it’s a great way to network, interact with customers, and bring your team together.

Create Your Social Media Marketing Plan

We highly recommend, and have benefited from, company events for inspiration and face to face interaction, but with more consumers turning to the internet to find information, it’s critical to your business success to develop an online presence.

Social media-savvy entrepreneurs realize the insight that can come from gathering statistics on the billions of bits of information and use it to gain an edge over the competition.

You don’t have to spend millions, like in the past, with expensive ad campaigns, but it does take some persistence and determination.

Social media is everywhere and only seems to be expanding further each day.

The 5 Don’ts of Executing Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Here are a few tips from Entrepreneur Magazine on what NOT to do when executing your social media marketing plan

1. You don’t update regularly. The number-one cardinal sin most new social media marketers commit is not sticking to a regular posting schedule. If your followers see your profiles run dry for more than a few days (let alone a few weeks or months) at a time, they’ll fall out of the habit of checking in with your business.

2. You aren’t gaining followers. Acquiring followers isn’t a perfect way to measure social media marketing success. However, if your social following isn’t growing as a result of your marketing efforts, you need to reevaluate your strategy. Try to come up with something new that will engage a larger number of people across wider demographics.

3. You broadcast, rather than engage. It sounds cliché, but social media is all about the conversation. If you’re constantly broadcasting — that is, sending your thoughts out into digital space in a one-way fashion — you’re missing out on the powerful benefits that can come from true engagement.

4. You use your social profiles like ad streams. Under no circumstances should you treat your social profiles as just another avenue to send out your sales pitches and marketing messages. The content you share on social networks should be informative, engaging, entertaining and/or conversational. Veering too often into sales territory is a surefire way to get your followers to tune you out.

5. You don’t respond to customer posts quickly. According to a survey conducted by the Social Habit, 32 percent of customer respondents who contacted businesses for support via social channels expected a response within 30 minutes. To make matters worse, 24 percent expect a 30-minute response regardless of when the initial contact was made — even if it was made outside of business hours.

Wrap Up

The bottom line? When a customer asks you a question, you’ve got to respond quickly. If monitoring your individual profiles is too cumbersome, consider tools such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social to simplify the process of executing your social media marketing plan.


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Article:  The 5 Don’ts of Executing Your Social Media Marketing Plan

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